SCM System Software Packages Products Available

SCM System Software Packages Products Available






SCM System Software Packages Products Available

Product Haven Software Ramco Logistics Software HighJump WMS Blue Ridge Global
Deployment Cloud, SaaS, WebMobile – Android NativeMobile – iOS Native -Cloud, SaaS, Web-Mobile – Android Native-Mobile – iOS Native -Cloud-SaaS-Web -Cloud-SaaS-Web
Demand Planning Business owners’ plans based on their company forecast Forecasting and order status support -Capacity Planning-Data Visualization-Historical Reporting -Inventory Optimization-Replenishment Management-Supply Forecasting
Import/Export Management Generation of documents, Comparison of shipping charges from various transporters Done by management at the office and supported through notifications to their smartphones for real time monitoring Logistics by the company any coordination by both the company and HighJump WMS Importation and exportation is done by the company itself to fulfill customer requests.
Inventory Management Automated -Kitting -Manufacturing Inventory Management -Mobile Access -Kitting -Mobile Access-Manufacturing Inventory Management -Kitting-Mobile Access-Warehouse management
Shipping Management Tracking of goods in transit in real time -Billing & Invoicing -Quotes/Estimates -Scheduling -Scheduling -Estimates -Billing & Invoicing -Quotes/Estimates -Scheduling
Supplier Management – Electronic Data Interchange- Order FulfillmentSupplier Management- Transportation Management-Shipping Management -Electronic Data Interchange-Order Fulfillment-Shipping Management -Supplier Management -Transportation Management -Warehouse Management -Shipping Management -Warehouse Management-Supplier Management -Transportation Management -Warehouse Management-Supplier Management -Electronic Data Interchange-Shipping Management
Transportation Management -Carrier Management-Billing & Invoicing-Customer Management-Dispatch Management- Equipment Management-Load Management -Order Management -Quotes / Estimates -Shipment Management -Dispatch Management -Driver Management -Driver Settlements -Load Optimization -Maintenance Management-Routing – Vehicle Management-Dispatch Management -Load Optimization -Driver Management -Driver Settlements -Vehicle Management-Trip Logs -Routing -Scheduling
Warehouse Management Automated and notifications are automatically sent based on the set limits -3PL Management-Barcoding / RFID-Inventory Management-Location Control-Quality Control-Returns Management-Shipping Management-Order Management Multichannel inventory visibility -Quality Control-Returns Management-Inventory Management-Shipping Management
Cost Not provided by vendor Not provided by vendor Not provided by vendor Not provided by vendor


Various companies offer various tailor-made software packages for the company they are in business with. Some go an extend fulfill their client’s needs as some software packages give more room for extension and the company grows and more services to suit the business.

Supply chain management is a complex undertaking by any company and if not well executed can lead to losses in raw materials, time and company resources in terms of inefficient employees. To address this, a detailed step by step execution procedure is required to make it a success. The major steps include:


  • Plan- Planning involves a lot of activities that must be undertaken before. This is where companies decide on their operations strategies. Buying or manufacturing components is a decision that must be arrived at during the planning stage (Wang & Wang, 2011).
  • Source – This stage involves the procurement of raw materials and or the components for the electronics company. It is essential for the company as they will be required in the next stage. mishap at this stage or skipping will result in unreliable rate of components manufacture. The company enters into binding contract with the supplier to supply the raw materials and the components. In turn the company will pay these suppliers on specified agreed date. The agreement will last a certain period and could be renewed.
  • Make – This is the actual development of the electronic devices. It involves scheduling of the production activities, testing, packaging and the release of the product. This stage is crucial since it involves the adherence to government regulations, rules for production performance and data storage.
  • Deliver- The stages involved includes customer inquiries, selection and distribution strategies and finally the transportation options. The company must also manage warehousing and inventory or pay for the service provider (Kurbel, 2013). This is crucial for the electrics must get to the customers on time as agreed upon in order to retain customers and make new ones to increase the scale and capacity of the company.
  • Return – This stage is basically managing of the defective ones that were returned by the customers or from the sales and distribution channels and processing refunds wherever they cannot be replaced. The company should be in a position to handle returns so they can retain customers. Despite this, the company must come up with regulations for managing returned products, monitoring performance cost and inventory of returned products (Heizer & Render, 2014).

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