Selecting an Organization for Your Strategy Playbook

Organization for Strategy Playbook

After recently establishing my own online retail business I opted to choose an organization that found exemplary success in the sector; through studying the dynamics of their operations, successes and failures I believe this will provide excellent information towards increasing the success of my own business. is an online retailer that was established by Jeff Bezos and has since become a retail giant by manufacturing as well as selling products from electronic to housewares; Amazon became a publicly traded company in October of 1995. Some of Amazon’s biggest competitors are Walmart and Apple Inc.; both of which are also publicly traded companies as well. In spite of this competition it would seem that Amazon is worth more than Walmart, Costco, and Target combined.

After visiting the Hoover site it was noted that information on Amazon such as revenue and financial review, planning a strategies as well as details about their products etc. are available to help gain a more in-depth understanding of the business operations of this organization. Furthermore information about their competitors can also be located at this site which allows for a more accurate comparison of financial information, business practice strategies as well as organizational structure.


Bukhari, J. (2017, April 05). Amazon Is Worth More Than Walmart, Costco, and Target Combined. Retrieved from

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