Selection Hiring Process

Selection Hiring Process


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Assignment 3A

Ratio of Caucasians employed = 27/90*100%

  1. Calculating the ratios of the three races from the table;

= 30%

Ratio of the African-Americans = 10/50*100%

= 20%

Ratio of employment of Latinos = 10/40*100%

= 25%

Assignment 3B

  1. Calculating the adverse impact between African-American and the Caucasians;
  2. = 20/30* 100%
  3. = 66.67% meaning that there is adverse impact since it is lower than 80%
  4. Calculating the adverse impact between Latinos and the Caucasians;
  5. = 25/30*100%
  6. = 83.33% meaning there was no adverse impact since the percentage is above the required 80%.

Decision that involves hiring of the best candidate among the rest. In some situations, there is tight competition among the shortlisted candidates and it is the duty of the section committee to identify the hidden qualities among them.

  1. Question 1

They took the selection process approach since they followed all the process involved in the selection approach. They include; ability test, integrity test, personality description testing, personal information analysis, testing the candidate about the job he/she wants, structured interview testing, testing about handling different situations and finally the physical ability testing.

  1. Question 2

The bank was very effective in employing the selection approach since it made sure that the process was followed to the latter.

  1. Question 3

Advantages of selection hiring process are that it leads to the employment of the best candidate since it has a lot of components in its structure. It also saves the company a lot of time in trying to understand a certain employee since they already have their bio data together with information about their strengths and weaknesses.

  1. Question 4

Selection approach system does not come without some disadvantages; first of all, the process is very costly in terms of finances and time. The process may also close out some people who could have been the best for the work but are poor in communication.

I will recommend this process to be used for major jobs but mostly technical causes in order to avoid wastage of time and resources. When a job is offered and internal employee wants to take it, then this process will not be relevant.

  1. Question 5

The reason why the company holds interview is mainly to know the level of capacity of the person to work with them. A person cannot apply for a banking job yet he/she does not understand anything about the sector. During this test, the committee will be able to measure the educational and intelligence capacity of the person.

  1. Question 6
  2. Capacity tests:
  3. The integrity of a person matters a lot in the way he/ she is going to work in the organization. If a person has a criminal record, the recruiting committee should try to find out about the person no matter how experienced the person is. Integrity test will make sure that the best person is hired into the company.

    1. integrity tests:
    2. A person should be able to tell about his/her personal information without straining. This is because the banking job requires a person who can relate well with the customers. There is a way in which a person should explain about himself/ herself in an official way.

      1. Personal information tests:
      2. Each organization needs to pick such a worker who is and will be faithful to the organization for a drawn out timeframe. This can be accomplished just by knowing the representative’s history, his experience, his work inclination and some more. Subsequently, information that uncovers his/her account is directed from the side of the representative. This test enables the worker to expound on his own qualities, his interests, different preferences et cetera. It concentrates how adequately the worker has performed previously and will perform sooner rather than later.

        1. personality tests:
        2. These tests are a similar like those of psychological capacity, yet demonstrate a more profound significance while its application. It portrays the capacity of a representative in thinking about the activity which he is intrigued to work upon. Such tests incorporate the conventional pencil and stencil test. A person should be able to tell about the company he/she applied for the job in order to make the company have faith in him/her (Mone & London, 2018). Most of job seekers fail to do some informational serch on the company that he/she applies for a vacancy.

          1. Information about the company tests:
          2. These tests are the most widely recognized and most utilized ones while directing a test to decide a representative’s capacity. Likewise, it is the best utilized gadget in a large portion of the associations and guidelines. Organized meetings comprise of couple of particular conventional inquiries taking into account the firm. These inquiries are to be replied by the worker technically and that would at last decide his/her ability in working for that specific firm or establishment. Additionally, this test gives an institutionalized outcome when contrasted with different tests. It helps in assessing potential occupation hopefuls.

            1. Technical Interview tests:
            2. Reference

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              Mone, E. M., & London, M. (2018). Employee engagement through effective performance management: A practical guide for managers. Routledge.

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