Sexuality and Cohabitation

Sexuality and Cohabitation

350 word discussion on What ways do you think the church is succeeding and/or failing when it comes to guiding singles on matters of sexuality cohabitation? What does scripture teach and research show regarding cohabitation before marriage? Reference from Blaswick & Balswick

Sexual cohabitation refers to an agreement of two individuals of opposite sex to live together over a long period of time and sometimes permanently. It is preferred by those who need sexual closeness but are not ready to commit to marriage and probably have kids (Balswick & Balswick, 2008). Some of these cohabiting have lead to marriage and may have been seen by the partners as a way to prepare (Balswick & Balswick, 2008). The Bible prohibits cohabiting and encourages marriage though an anointed man of God after which the two individuals are allowed to engage in sex and have children.

The church has frequently taught that it is wrong to engage in sex before marriage. It should, however, be noted that the church also praises the goodness of sexuality according to the Bible teachings. God’s creation acknowledges sexuality (Balswick & Balswick, 2008). The Bible teaches that a man and woman should live together but it also emphasizes on the right procedure to marriage. Its states how a man and a woman leave their parents and the two be joined in a holy matrimony to become one. The Old Testament, in the book of song of songs, praises the beauty of sexuality.

Recently, Pope Saint John the second, taught on the importance of sexuality according to the Bible. Most churches also organize youth events where they are educated on the importance of purity and the need to follow biblical teachings. It is also worth noting that the church does not reject anyone who has engaged in sex before marriage. Like any other sinful activity, those who acknowledge wrong deeds and repent are accepted. The church also takes initiative to pray for the wrong doers that they may change their ways. In some churches, however, leaders fear to openly talk about sexual matters. Other church leaders have also been convicted of sexually abusing young individuals. Some leaders also do not stress on the consequences of being sinful but only talk about things that impress the congregation just to continue having a crowd.

Research shows that majority of those who cohabited long before engagement are facing marriage dissatisfaction, lack of understanding and risk divorce (Balswick & Balswick, 2008). There is also lack of responsibility and a lot of negative communication.


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