Simple Graphs in RStudio Week 2 Assignment

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Bar Plot:

  1. #Create a pie chart of the computer ram
  2. #Label the ram sizes as follows: 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 24GB, 32GB
  3. #Title the pie chart as “Computer Ram”
  4. #Color the pie chart using the rainbow option

#Create a barplot of the computer screen sizes

#Label the x axis as “Screen Sizes”

#Label the y axis as “Frequency”

#Title the barplot as “Computer Screen Sizes”

#Color the bars in the barplot any color you wish.


#Create a histogram of the computer prices

#Label the x axis as “Prices”

#Title the histogram as “Computer Prices”

#Give the histogram any color you wish

Box Plot:

#Create a boxplot of the comparing the computer price and premium category

#Label the y axis as “Price”

#Label the x axis as “Premium”

#Title the boxplot as “Premium Computer Prices Distribution”

#Color the boxplot any color you wish.

Scatter Plot:

#Create a scatter plot of computer price and hard drive size

#Label the x axis as “Hard Drive Size”

#Label the y axis as “Price”

#Title the scatter plot as “Computer Price vs Hard Drive Size”

#Color the scatter any color you wish.

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