Skills and Characteristics of Mental Health Paper

Skills and characteristics of Mental Health


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Skills and characteristics of Mental Health

Human Services Workers are one of the hardest working individuals in the world. Human Services Workers deal with all types of people, and they exist all over the world. Some of their clients include people with drug addictions, alcohol addictions, abused woman, abused children, and the mentally disabled. Without the work of human services workers, many different groups of people would lack the services they need to survive. This paper will describe a mental health human service delivery system within the criminal justice. This paper will describe the services provided by The King county Mental health court. This paper will describe the general characteristics and skills needed to deliver mental health services effectively to the mentally ill population in King County Washington. This paper will also describe the characteristics, skills, and actions needed by a mental health human service worker and how they differ from agents of the Government.

Describe the services provided by The King County District Court Mental Health Court.

According to “King County District Court Services” (2014), The King County District Court Mental Health Court was established over 10 years ago, to help better serve the community by addressing public safety, reducing criminalization of persons with mental illness, and promoting systems integration. The Mental Health Court represents an effort to

Increase effective cooperation between two systems that have traditionally not worked closely together – the mental health treatment system and the criminal justice system.

The project hopes to achieve the following outcomes for the mentally ill misdemeanant population: faster case processing time, improved access to public mental health treatment services, improved well-being, and reduced recidivism. An important outcome to be achieved from this program for the larger community is improved public safety.

Describe the general characteristics and skills needed to deliver mental health services effectively.

There are a few characteristics that a mental health service worker must possess in order to be efficient. Some of Those characteristics include a desire to help others, attention to detail, emotional and mental strengths. In my personal opinion, the desire to help others is one of the most important characteristics. The author believes that if a person does not have the desire or want to help others, then they would not succeed in this field. Additionally, if the desire to help others is not present, then not only will the mental health worker suffer, but so will the mentally ill people seeking and needing assistance.

If a mental service worker lacks in their desire to help the mentally ill then, it will show in their attitude and behavior. It is imperative to possess this quality so that the people in need receive the quality care that they need and deserve. If the worker does not have this characteristic, then they will lack in all other areas.

Since mental health services workers interact with all types of people, it is necessary that the worker be alert and pay close attention to detail that the client may not divulge. For example, it is hard for an abused child or an abused woman to share all of the details about their abuser. In many cases, it is because of fear. Whatever the case may be, it is important that all mental health services workers pay close attention to detail in any situation. Another example where this would be important would be when a mental health services worker is helping a physically and mentally disabled person. In some cases, a disabled person cannot express their desires. Sometimes a family member may be trying to help, but the client is still unhappy. However, the client may show signs of what they want or need to make them more comfortable. If the worker is paying close attention, they can catch these signs and make decisions effectively.

The author has learned that it is also crucial for the mental health services workers to take care of themselves. Dedicated workers can get so involved in their work that they can become burnt out. It is important that the worker takes care of them. If a person becomes worn out, it could affect the way in which they interact with and help their client. In a sense, they can become mentally ill while helping the mentally ill if they are not constantly mentally and physically strong. With that being said, the worker should ensure that they are mentally and emotionally strong to handle this type of work. Furthermore, they should ensure that they do not act out of emotion.

While we all have our biases and beliefs, this should not affect the job at hand. It may be a good idea to seek some consultative services to learn how to deal with such biases.

How do the characteristics, skills, and actions needed by an agent of the government differ from those skills needed by social workers?

According to “Social Workers in Government Agencies” (ND), Social workers are key employees in federal, state, and local government agencies. Social workers may work on-site at a government agency; at a non-governmental agency whose client base is generated from their relationship with a government agency; or in a contracting relationship as independent consultants.

The differences between characteristics, skills, and actions of a social service worker are not very many; in fact, they are similar in most ways but one. An agent for the Government, primary concerns are to uphold and enforce the laws of the constitution. The social workers main focus is to help the client and make sure the client constitutional rights are not being violated. For example, in a correctional setting the government agent would be a guard and their duty is to maintain order, provide safety and prevent escape. The social workers duty would be to help the client get the services they need to return to the community and live a productive life. The guard authority will always override and social workers authority because of safety issues within prisons.

In conclusion, mental health and social Services Workers are hardworking individuals. It is important they possess certain characteristics and skills that will help them be successful in the field of human and health services. Those characteristics and skills include a desire to help others, attention to detail, emotional and mental strengths, good communication skills and creative thinking and resolution skills.

Each of the skills and characteristics is pertinent in effectively helping the many clients that workers come in contact with on a regular basis. The author feels that he does possess all of the skills and characteristics required to be a successful human services worker, but also feels that the field can improve in many areas. The King County Mental health courts are a step in the right direction to help address the needs and problems with our mentally ill population. Every county in America needs to implement the same type of a court system in order to help the mentally ill and separate them from the rest of the prison population.


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