SOC 312 week 2 Journal: Gender Issues


Gender Issues

Journal week 2

SOC 312

Elena’s mother believes that her daughter should partake in more feminine activities. Being a mother of twin daughter’s I once believe that my daughters should just take part in feminine activities for the reason that if baby girl participate more in masculine activities than our society will accepted her but when I had a son all that changed. Society plays a big part of that stenotype society would say my son was abnormal because he plays with dolls. The society we live in today would consider that as abnormal and most parents prefer that their children partake in those activities the girl’s should play with a toy that is appropriate for them to play with and the boys should as well. I ask my parents is there any toy your children should or shouldn’t play with I have had a mother come in to pick up her children and seen he was playing with a doll and she hit the roof I had no understanding why she was so upset she said she don’t want her son to be gay. I don’t see it been a crime that boys play with girls toys and girls play with boys toys (society) parents think something wrong with their children ready to get the child tested and the whole nine yards. I personal think that child be trying to find them self and they are all different so I don’t think we should guide them towards gender specific toys. It’s a numbers of toys that have a powerful influence on our children thoughts, dealing with peers as well as creative expression. Several of the toys chosen by our parents and educators were used most frequently and in the most intricate ways boys items that seen neutral from an adult point of view. What put the highest scoring toys apart was that they encouraged problem solving, community communication and imaginative look in both boys and girls.