SOC 312 Week 4 Assignment: Bully in the Mirror

Bully in the Mirror

SOC 312: Child, Family, & Society

Antonio wants to change his ways and not be a bully anymore. The agent of socialization consists of parents, teachers, friends, and siblings. Antonio has realized that he like to pick and fight with the kids around the school, he felt that it wasn’t right. Antonio realize that because he was bullying other kids he didn’t have any friends. He is not getting to know the difference between right and wrong, and good and bad. (Bojczyk, Shiner, Shiner 2012). Antonio want to changer form being a bully he feels that its going to be hard, and he if ready to deal with it for him to have friends. Now that Antonio is ready to make a change, we must come up with a plan to help him.

First, we will get the class aware of what bullying is and what could happen if students experience bullying. There are different websites that talks about bullying and it is very educational for all students. In the class I would do something educational and fun when teaching about bullying, but the students will still know that bullying is not cool. I would start the first week of school talking about bullying and have a lesson or activity that will discuss what bullying. The lesson would have asked question like

After all the question is answered we allowed everyone to write their question and answers on a big piece of white paper and hang it up in the classroom where it is shown when you walk in the class. Having the question and answer up in the classroom would help the students remember what bullying really is. With this activity I hope that it will be able to help children stop bullying and help the children to be able to speak out if they are being bullied. Speaking up if you are being bullied is the right thing to do to get the issue solved and under control.

  1. What is bullying?
  2. What are some things we can do to prevent bullying?
  3. How does bullying affect people or students?
  4. Why are students so afraid to tell someone they are being bullied/

From reading Antonio story, it shows as if everyone know that he is a bully because he doesn’t have any friends. It would be nice for the class to help support Antonio through his change. I would let the class know that change is possible. It is very important to change how bullies and victim see themselves. To make bullies award of the anger, it consequences on their peers, and help the victim understand that change can happen. (Cillessen, 2009). I would also tell the class that Antonio realizes that what he was doing is wrong and he want to change, and he will need all their help to stay on track. If Antonio starts to get off track again, his classmates should respectfully tell him that what he is doing is not right. The students know that if they are being rude to him or says something he doesn’t like he is going to bully them also. Some people tend to make mistake s and some people learn from their mistakes, but they must know that it was a mistake just like Antonio did. He notices that bullying was a mistake for him and he wants to be able to change. Helping Antonio stay on track he need to be able to control himself and walk away from situation that may cause him to bully.

Each day I would provide a paper chart for Antonio to show have he been bullying or not bullying that day. Everyday Antonio would have to rate himself on how he acted though out the day. Their will also be a copy of the paper chart sent home to his parents to show how he behaved at school that day.

In the paper chart it will also consist of how well he followed instruction, was he on task, how he accepted feedback from the students, how he accepted feedback from the teacher, and if he complete all the assignment for the day. There would also be a place on the chart to share if he did something good in the class that day. I think it would be a great ideal to send article to his parents about bullying. Children who are victims of bullying tend to bully other children. (Stop bullying now, 2013)

Now that everyone is see that Antonio wanting to change and no longer wants to be a bully should want to help him with changing. Everyone should be able to keep him on the right track. Once the children see that he is really making progress to change, they could open up to him and allow him to be friends with them. Once Antonio gets those friends he won’t feel left out anymore. Antonio wanting friends was the main reason for him wanting to change and not be a bully anymore.


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