Eeoc Presentation Paper

Eeoc Presentation Paper

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Cultural Diversity is about differences that exist in the workplace. Equality has been a breakthrough for some people while it has been a victory for other people. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is an association that strives to guard employees and applicants that are not treated fairly by other workers or companies. The EEOC protects all people. It does not matter what type of work environment they work in or what the problem is. Due to the unfailing assistance that the EEOC offers, African American employees of Findlay will not have to accept being discriminated against or harassed in the place in which they work or terminated for filing a discriminated claim.

The Compliance Issue that led to the lawsuit and its ramifications for the organization.

The issue was that a parts department manager of the Shack-Findlay Automotive, LLC made racial offensive remarks and jokes on almost a daily basis to African American employees. The parts department enacted harsher rules on the African American personnel than employees who were not African American. Two African American workers were ultimately terminated. One employee was terminated after informing another employee that he was going to bring up a charge of discrimination towards Shack-Findlay. The EEOC protects employees from discrimination based on race and also protects them from being fired if they file a charge of discrimination or complains about discrimination (EEOC n.d.).

Shack-Findlay will have to pay $150,000 to two African American workers for exposing the employees to discrimination, harassment and retribution. Aside from having to pay the two victims Shack-Findlay also entered into a consent decree with Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. In the consent decree the company is required to hire and outside EEO consultant. They have to dispense the company’s rules and compliant procedures that apply to “discrimination, harassment and retaliation”. Shack-Findlay has to track all future grievances and make available equal employment opportunity training on an annual basis to all employees (EEOC n.d.).

The Functions of the EEOC

The functions of the EEOC is to put into effect federal laws that make it unlawful to discriminate against a job candidate or a worker because of the “person’s race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy), national origin, age (40 or older), disability or genetic information (EEOC n.d.).” The EEOC investigates allegations of racism towards employers or job candidates who are covered by the law. The role of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is to equally and truthfully evaluate the accusations of the charge. The EEOC is to make a finding. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission also works to avoid discrimination before it happens by educating people and companies and through the use of outreach programs (EEOC n.d.).

The EEOC’s Role in the Lawsuit

In this case of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation the role of the EEOC was to enforce the federal laws that protect employees and job candidates. The EEOC also protects those who file a lawsuit, participate in a lawsuit or complain about discrimination from retaliation. This law applies to all types of work environments and work situations such as: employing, terminating, promoting, harassing, or training etc. The EEOC has the right to investigate accusations of discrimination against workers or applicants who are covered by the law. The EEOC also works to prevent discrimination before it occurs. The role that EEOC implemented in this lawsuit ensured fairness. The EEOC investigates all accusations before lawsuits are filed (EEOC n.d.).

Whether or not this lawsuit promotes social change; justify your reasoning

The lawsuit does promote social change. While there were two employees that were discriminated against, harassed, and then terminated for reporting what was going on just was enough to promote a social change. Any type of discrimination lawsuit against a company promotes some type of change. Any incident that includes discrimination causes change in the workplace, the proposed society and community where the unfair actions took place. An incident such as this one promotes change in the world.

A comparison of the EEOC press release to the news item

The EEOC press release and the news item were in some ways. The news item listed the facts as with the EEOC. The news item also stated who the employees were and exactly what happened to the African American employees. The news item also seemed to agree with the EEOC and seemed a little bias towards the company (Green, S. 2012).

Strategies you would implement, if you were a senior manager of this company

One strategy that Sharie would implement if she was a senior manager of this company would be an open door policy. An open door policy would be where an employee could come into my office at any time of the day to discuss anything that is on their mind. Sharie feels an open door policy would bridge a gap between management and the employees.

Another strategy Sharie would implement is the use of an anonymous reporting line. An anonymous reporting line would be a line where employees could call in to report anything such as discrimination to harassment or to sing praises about another employee. The reporting line would be handled by an outside company and they would document all calls and reports and send them up to Sharie where her team would solve all issues. The anonymous reporting line would give the employees confidence to report issues since it is not handled by anyone who works in the company.


In conclusion, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is to enforce federal laws that protect applicants and employees from being discriminated, harassed, or terminated based upon “person’s race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy), national origin, age (40 or older), disability or genetic information.” In the case of Shack-Findlay two African American employees were discriminated against based upon race and one was terminated due to the fact that he stated he was going to file a discrimination case against the company. The EEOC investigated and the employees won the lawsuit. The company had to pay the employees $150,000 and also agree to other things.


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