SOC 4080 psychology research paper Violence against women

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Violence against women





Violence against women is a social issue that is affects May women globally due to ethnic and cultural beliefs that are deeply rooted among communities especially in the suburbs, Africa and Asian countries are among the leading continents that have violence issues among women due to deeply rooted religions and cultural traditions and beliefs

Violence against women may range from rape, beatings to inhabitation to grow economically as they are viewed as home keepers in most communities and are not allowed to act as there are the husbands or men property. The violence aganistwomen leads to deterioration of their health and the health of their children it also rises the poverty levels globally

This research paper aims to investigate and find out the problems facing women globally and the impact they have to the society it also tries to find out the reasons behind the violence and steps to be adapted to resolve the problems, the research paper also looks into other research work on the social issue and recommendations for future use

Summary of the problem

To identify the causes of violence among the women in society.

The research paper will look into the women related issues that are caused by violence and cultural, social and religion beliefs. The society view of women and their implications in the future of the girl also looks into the effects of violence on the girl child which include poverty, health problems and psychological problems

Discussion on violence against women

According to (Kelly, 1997; Radford et l, 2000) women violence in terms of oppression, sexualassault, rape, sexualharassment and all forms of violence against women and children as a result of men with religious and cultural based lives as they grew up, and he further suggests that the violence does not affect women in poor or third world countries but women in all social classes, races, religions and nationalities.

According to (brownmiller1976;Radford et al ,2000) violence against women is due to cultural and political issues that term women not be have equal rights to men. The political and social imbalances has led to wide spread of violence against women globally

Since 1970s -2000s Scotland and the United Kingdom has developed laws and enacted them to fight against the violence against women for example the Scottish women aid act in 2002, also variance campaigns worldwide have been set to fight the issue of girl child labour and sexual harassment

earlier studies done by researchers show that the justice system in many nations did not term women rape cases as a serious issue they were termed as false allegations and there dismissed as providing evidence was rather difficult

According to (jennings1990,Henderson and MacKay 1990)stated that women came up with movements in the 1980s to challenge the male violence against women since then laws have been included in Scotland’s constitution to deal with violence against women.

Key actions to take

1.I would sensitize men on the importance of women in society which include taking care of men, offspring’s and the households I would also sensitize the society on the importance of women contribution on the longrun economic development of the nation as wellas their individual households

2. I would also encourage agencies and organizations that deal with sensitization on men violence against women to seek resources to enhance its activities and also seek further incites globally on how to tackle issues arising from the modern trends that involve women mishandling.

3. I would also make commercial advertisements and forums on the social media that will encourage women to pursue activities and jobs that society deems to be only for men this will go a long way to build their self-esteem as well build their respect among men

4. I would also campaign for the enactment of laws that support gender equity for the betterment for society in future.

Objectives for the future of the girl child on violence against the girl child

Objectives of violence against women

WRSAC (2016) has the following aims and objectives on violence against women

1, to provide confidential services to women, teenagers and children whereby they can discuss issues affecting them for example toll free telephone services and internet sites where women and teenagers can share issues affecting them and advise one another on ethical ways to solve the problems.

2. Forming agencies that offer volunteering services to those affected, the organizations or clubs can offer activities that build the esteem of those affected and mentor others on self-protection activities as karate for recruiting volunteers and training them to solve problems. This will help the women to be free and share their encounters and be helped psychologically and health wise

3. forming campaigns on violence, which create awareness among the women on issues of violence and their rights in order to minimise the violence and educate them on ways to defend themselves when such issues arise, it will also educate men on the effects of violence not only to women but to children and the society and the men as well

4. By actively challenging the values, beliefs and behaviour of men and cultural beliefs that tend to oppress the women, this will provide the women with confidence to fight for their rights and have a say in the social world

5.providing funds to support the organizations and training services to supervisors and volunteers that are recruited in health clubs and institutions of human rights, these will help educate women on their rights, and provide resources needed to inform them on their rights.

Objectives for the immediate future


  1. According to thecrown prosecution services is a fundamental issue among the US to protect human rights were by CPS role isto protect future human right issues
  2. According to the CPS 2006 laws that applies the criminal laws so that anyone who violates the laws are dealt with the prosecution of the case
  3. According to the single equity scheme which covers topics to dealwithgender, race has specific plans which help CPS to deal with specific regulations of human rights.
  4. Violence campaign to end violence are being enacted to prevent future occurrences of human rights deprivation.

In conclusion violence against women is a social issue that should be dealt with in this modern times in that men should be made socially aware of the importance of women in the society and in households in general by campaign to sensitize the community and also by organizations that support and protect the development of women in society.


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