Solutions to Global Issues Threats to the Global Environment – PowerPoint Presentation

SOC 450Solutions to Global IssuesThreats to the Global Environment

Climate Change: a Brief History

What is Climate Change? The last 650,000 years- Seven cycles of glacial advance and retreatIce age ends 7,000 =Modern Climate Era and Human CivilizationMost caused by small variations in earth’s orbitCurrent trend 95% because of human activity since mid 20th century and is proceeding at a rate that far exceeds any other decades previous

Countries Affected by Climate Change and How

Climate change affects us allModern Industrialization/Fossil FuelsDepletion of the ozone layerSummer sea ice in Arctic dwindles.Glaciers shrinking worldwide/affects runoff and water resources which rise sea levelWarming and thawing in the high elevations is causing permafrost to degrade.Many species shifted their geographic ranges, activities, and migration patterns.The oceans are acidifying by absorbing C02 from humans causing coral reefs to die.

The effects of Climate Change on the world population as a whole

Global problems are everyone’s problemsAct now! Our time is running out!climate change is already having substantial impacts on the entire world

Climate Change Impacts Around the World

Brief History of Energy Sources

Nonrenewable energy sourcesRenewable energy sourcesFirst was Sun then fire and windBefore 1850 Wood was main sourceNatural Gas early as 500 BC by Chinese1816 Natural Gas1900s Electricty1945 to present- nuclear, solar, water and wind

Countries Affected by Energy Sources and How

Positive effects of countries using Renewable SourcesIceland, Sweden, Costa Rica, Nicaragua

The effects of Energy Sources on the world population as a whole

Brief History of Lack of Educational Opportunities

Education The havesThe have-notsMarginalization and povertyFinancial deficit of developing countriesMost affectedInequality between girls and boys

Countries Affected by Lack of Educational Opportunities and How

more than 72 million around the world remain unschooled.Sub-Saharan AfricaCentral and Eastern Asia, as well as the Pacific

The effects of Lack of Educational Opportunities on the world population as a whole

The world is becoming smallerWhat affects one country affects us allEducation is the key to growth and assistance

Brief History of Inappropriate Uses of Technology

History of technologyFrom stones fire and knivesTo supercomputers, Cell phones, and Artificial IntelligenceWhere there is man there is good and bad

Countries Affected by Inappropriate Uses of Technology and How

Developing and Poor CountriesDeveloped and Rich CountriesNo one is safeNuclear Power= World PowerThe highest technology is one step ahead

The effects of Inappropriate Uses of Technology on the world population as a whole

Poor vs rich CountriesInappropriate useLevel of importance based by Countries


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