Social Impact of Technology

SO245 Social Impact of Technology

Assignment 4

Deforestation is basically people cutting down forests without replanting new ones. It really effects the world negatively but we keep doing it like it doesn’t make a difference to the world we live in. I wonder if people would still do it at the rate they’re doing it if they knew it messed with the oxygen that we breathe, weather patterns, and animals’ existence. Not enough of us think beyond ourselves. It’s sad.

The forests really make it so we can breathe. The trees give oxygen to the air, which obviously we breathe in. Not only that but when the cut down trees it releases a bunch of carbon dioxide into the air. That’s a lot of the reason we have these climate changes, global warming. It’s nice to have warm weather and stuff but it isn’t good for the environment.

Even though the weather has changed so it’s warmer for us now, which I love, who knows how this it’s going to change if it keeps happening. Trees give off water vapor and that keeps the weather patterns consistent. So without the trees the water vapor isn’t being released and is going to cause unpredictable climate changes.

I feel like the effect on animals is obvious. We are destorying forests where they live. That would be like someone coming and destroying all the houses in your state. With nowhere to live, we would eventually die. With so many of us dead we wouldn’t be able to reproduce. Eventually there would be no more “Ohioans” left. That’s what we’re doing to animals, like entire species are going extinct because of our actions.

It disgusts me that more humans care about how big their house is or what kind of car they drive rather than the effects of their actions. It’s like were only focused on the here and now and have a “can’t happen to me” mentality. Do I think theres an easy solution, no. Do I think we can start taking small steps to hopefully find a big solution, yes. This effects us and we need to be aware of it. I think that somehow it needs to be communicated how many forests are left in the US, which is a good place to start. Along with that list should be the top reasons why we cut them down, an alternatives to cutting the trees down. With that I think people could start making small changes which will hopefully lead to a united effort for a big change.