Software FAQ

Software FAQ

What is (SaaS) Software as a Service?

SaaS is a way for a consumer to purchase software so that they can use it on any device, at any time. SaaS is most commonly a subscription-based service, and usually paid for monthly or annually. A few examples of SaaS are Microsoft Office 365 or Adobe Creative Cloud.

What are the benefits of SaaS over traditional software?

While traditional software is a “pay one price” type system, it does lack some of the benefits that SaaS provides with its subscription services. First, SaaS provides support for the software the entire time that the subscription service is active, meaning the consumer never has to worry about losing support for their favorite software. Next, SaaS is accessible anywhere with any internet connection, and most of these services save files to an online cloud type storage service, so the files you create with them go with you as well.

What is Productivity Software?

Productivity software is a tool used to create documents, presentations, spreadsheets, graphs, and charts. The most common of these is the Microsoft Office Suite. In regards to the Office Suite, or any other productivity suite, the developers make blanket features that span the different software in their suite. Most developers also customize productivity software to fit the needs of the consumers as well. There is also a large amount of open source productivity software available as well.

What is Word Processing Software?

Word processing software is used to create documents on a computer. Word processor applications are used worldwide for everything from schoolwork to business. A few examples of a word processor application are Microsoft Word, Apache Open Office, and Google Docs.

What is Spreadsheet Software?

Spreadsheet software is used to create databases and spreadsheets on a computer. Spreadsheet software is used very extensively for accounting type purposes. A few examples of spreadsheet software include Microsoft Excel, Open Office, and Google Sheets.

What is Presentation Software?

Presentation software is used to create a presentation made up of slides to show an audience your ideas. Presentation software is used primarily in school and business settings. A few examples are Microsoft PowerPoint, Open Office, and Google Slides.

What is Database Software?

Database software is used to create a “filing” system of sorts to store large amounts of information. Databases are used in almost every facet of computing today, and in many different jobs and businesses. Some examples are Microsoft Access, MySQL, and Oracle Database.

What is Note-Taking Software?

Note-Taking Software is used to take notes on a computer, as well as provide different functions for organizing those notes. Note taking software is used in jobs requiring dictation as well as a school setting. Some examples are EverNote, Google Keep, and Microsoft One Note.

What is PIM (Personal Information Management) Software?

A personal Information Manager Software is a tool that is used to save addresses, contacts, calendars, and appointments. It is used privately as well as in a business setting. A few examples are Microsoft Calendar, Google Calendar, and Chandler.

Will it be useful for my employees?

Personal Information Management Software is essential for completing the full spectrum of software to assist employees with productivity. It can help them to stay on track with tasks, remember important meetings and events, as well as help them save important business contacts.

What types of software are helpful for small businesses?

There are any different types of software that can be useful to owners, managers, and employees of small businesses. Most software that can be used for a large corporation or business can also be used or adapted to a small business. However, there are a few exceptions to the rule. Most large businesses do not use Intuit QuickBooks, but this software is used largely in a small business setting. Another example of a useful small business software is Basecamp, which is business organization and project software that can be used to organize projects, collaborate on work, and set reminders.

What types of software are helpful for large businesses?

There are many different kinds of business software, and almost all of those are also catered towards large businesses. Most of the time, large businesses use software like cooperation software, project management software or employee tracking software.

What do I need to know about software licenses?

A software license is a kind of “proof of purchase” to show that consumer has legitimately purchased a piece of software. It is also an agreement between the purchaser and seller about what the software can be used for. A person using software should also know the difference between open source and proprietary software. Open Source means the user can generally change almost anything they want in the software and view the source code. Proprietary software has restrictions on its use from the seller, and the user can not view the source code.

How do I determine which version of software will work on the computers in our business?

One of the first ways that a person using a piece of software can determine if the software will work on a computer is to check the system requirements of the software. By comparing the system layout of the computer that person is using, to the system requirements, they can see if the software is compatible. Different versions of software usually also show what operating system they are compatible with upon downloading them.