specific resources or federal agencies

Describe what specific resources or federal agencies that you will utilize to remain informed and current in public health trends and practices

As a practicing nurse, changes are bound to occur on a daily and adapting to them is inevitable. To be in a position to adapt to these changes without any challenges, being updated through researching is inevitable. To be in a position to research and stay informed, I will need good quality resources that will help me achieve this goal of being up to date with public health trends (Turnock, 2012). Below are some of the resources.

One of the most useful material that I will be using mostly is the Agency for Healthcare and Quality (AHRQ). This is in the U.S. department of Healthcare and Human services health research division. It majors on patient safety, primary care and preventive services, healthcare organizations and care delivery systems, cost of health and payment sources, improvement of quality, clinical practice and health technology (Turnock, 2012). AHRQ resource will help me stay up to date on any changes and updates that will be made majorly by the government.

Institute of Medicine (IOM) put out information and data on medical error and differences in quality. This report is crucial in learning new ways on how to avoid errors and possible causes so they can be avoided in the field. This is useful as doctor share experiences and techniques not necessarily learnt in a school setting. It also reports on the complications and their direct impact on patient care systems and majorly hospitals. There are also highlights on the important things that health practitioners need to be aware of so they can improve patient healthcare outcomes and quality.


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