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Political Views

Government is not something that I claim to know much about. I’ve always payed attention to elections and the “important” things happening in government but never took the time to really sit down and figure it all out. During past elections, I usually sided with which candidate I “liked” more instead of focusing on issues or political parties. The past election, with Clinton versus Trump, is the time I realized that I needed to look more into what each candidate stands for. Upon researching into each candidate, I sided more with Hillary which would mean I’m more of democrat, right? Well, not exactly and I’ll explain why.

I have asked myself “what issues do I feel most passionately about” and the answers I came up with surprised me. I decided to delve deeper and took an online quiz (Pew Research Center) to see which political party I sided with most. To my surprise, I got moderate republican. This is interesting because one of the main issues I care deeply about is gay marriage rights. This issue alone is not something that republicans typically support. Although, just because I am a gay man does not mean I am a liberal man. I have conservative views on most things and I believe this is why I tend to sway republican. According to the text, gender can play a role in voting and that in today’s world women are 40 percent democrat and 27 percent republican. (American Government,2014).

Future voters are different than the current voting population. With the advances of technology and other various outlets, I feel as though the children of America are much more educated than generations of past. The current and future generations are more accepting of others and are taught to treat everyone the same. This will most likely change the way America votes in the future. I feel as though, going forward, voting in America will be more liberal than conservative views. It will take ample time to get there but I believe that is where we are headed.

This change in the way people vote could potentially change the way political parties act towards one another. In the previous election of 2016, things got ugly. The way each candidate spoke about one another was different to previous elections and political campaigns I have seen in the past. Commercials were full of slander and rallies held by the candidates got very ugly. This is not how it’s supposed to be and I hope that it will change in the future elections.

In conclusion, I’m very much looking forward to future elections. While I did not vote for President Trump, I think he has not been as terrible of a president as many thought he would. In the future, I will make sure to focus on the topics that I believe strongly in, instead of voting on the person I “like” more. After learning that being an educated voter is very important, I hope others will learn to educate themselves too. This way we can make sure to get the right person for one of the most important positions we have in the United States.


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