SS144 Unit 4 Assignment Industrial Era – Societal Conditions in America

Industrial Era: Societal Conditions in America

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SS144- Unit 4 Assignment

Industrial Era: Societal Conditions in America

The Industrial Revolution was an increase in production brought by the use of machines and characterized by the use of new energy sources (CrashCourse, 2012). The industrial revolution changed history for the better, it introduced new ways of transportation and new technology. When I think of the Industrial Era three things come to mind: factories, mines, and child labor. During the Industrial Era, work was moved from the home to factories. For those who ran the factories it was a profitable time. Conditions in the factories were harsh and unsafe. Even children were used as workers in the factories. It has been reported that working at a factory was so harsh, workers could not go to the bathroom without permission.

Another change that came about was coal mines. Many people lost their lives by working in unsafe environments for long periods of time for low pay. Workers feared losing their jobs so they didn’t speak up against the harsh realities. Forming a union was illegal and so was striking.

Machinery wasn’t the only thing to advance during the Industrial Era, transportation did as well. The growth of the Industrial Era depended widely on the ability to transport goods. The three kinds of transportation that increased during the Industrial Era were railroads, waterways and roads. They used horses to pull freight cars along rails before the first steam locomotive was invented. These improvements made traveling safer, and it allowed goods to be moved more efficiently across the United States.

In conclusion, the Industrial Era is the reason behind a majority of the technology we have today. It was rough a rough time for the workers and children who worked around 10 hours per day under strict rules and in unsafe conditions. I personally think America has faced a lot of bad from time to time, and the conditions those people and children had to work in are a not so wonderful example. I’m glad something better was able to come out of it. As a mother I couldn’t imagine my 6 year old or my 3 year old working in a factory, it defentily wouldn’t sit to well with me, I don’t believe my children would make it in that type of enviroment. But back then that’s what they was made to be use too.


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