State Immigration Powers

State Immigration Powers






State Immigration Powers

The U.S constitutional law consists of a body that has power or authority on passage of immigration, which is regulated at federal level. The U.S congress has a local enforcements that checks out on immigration status which helps to regulate authority and power on courts , executive agencies and the federal government congress as well as non- citizens (Hampshire, 2013). 

The Supreme Court has been the major source through the federal government to regulate naturalization, admission and removal of non-citizens. The federal government has authority issue and grant green cards, visas and citizenship. The state laws comes up with regulations on activities that are related to immigration, which includes education, employment rules and checks , and driver’s licensing requirements as well as state or public benefits and restrictions based on individual’s immigration status. The rest includes federal government function, policy immigration, enforcement and jurisdiction over immigration laws as well as powers of state including crucial lawsuits linked to the law.

Law enforcement officers are strict on ID requirements that may lead to one being arrested. When elections are conducted photo and other valid documents are needed for identification. Failure to present valid documents for identification may lead otherwise. All employees are required to use E –Verify documents to confirm that they are authorized to work. The law ensures employers to seek employment eligibility verification rules. Contracts entered into by authorized immigrants are not allowed. Failure to carry immigration documents may lead to criminalizing illegal immigrants (Hampshire, 2013). . The law does not allow immigrants to benefit from public services, all the same, they are allowed to seek medical attention that is health care and emergencies and other crucial but necessary that relates to protection of safety and life. The federal programs and provisions alongside the state laws may be subject to court challenge.


Hampshire, J. (2013). The politics of immigration: Contradictions of the liberal state. Polity.

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