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Learning Team Peer Evaluation


Learning Team Peer Evaluation

When companies perform external and internal environmental analysis, they are making strategic preparations that will guide their decision-making processes. A company’s external environment consists of factors that are beyond the control of the firm whereas their internal environment consists of controllable factors. These factors influence a company’s choice of direction and action, their organizational structure and approach to business operations. This paper will discuss the feedback from each team member’s External and Internal Environmental Analysis on their respected individual papers.


The feedback from all team members was consistent for Carmen’s paper. The group felt that the paper was well written, as it was consistent with APA formatting guidelines and met all the required objectives according to the grading rubric. Carmen’s paper identified CSL Behring’s most external environmental factors as well their internal strengths and weaknesses. The only suggestion is to trim the paper in order to meet the word count.


According to the feedback from the group discussion, Brian’s paper was well written. It included J.P. Morgan Chase’s internal and external environmental analysis, organizational structure and its impact on performance, and organizational competitiveness. His paper was written according to APA guidelines with good use of headings.


Edward’s draft provided a basic outline of what his paper would elaborate on. The draft identified the selected company as Big 5 Sporting Goods along with their internal weakness and external environmental factor that may affect their business operations. The group members suggested that Edward format his paper according to APA guidelines and incorporate headings. Edward also needs references, which should include at least two peer reviews in order to meet the grading requirements.


The group’s feedback for Tarika’s paper was consistent in saying that it was well written. Tarika discussed the required objectives consisting of Jericho Project’s internal strengths and weaknesses as well as their external environmental factors. Tarika’s paper was formatted according to APA guidelines and was within the required word count.