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Strategy is a formulated and agreed form of performing activities in order to achieve certain objectives. Any company competing in the market must have their own strategy that enables them to take advantage of opportunities. Strategic evaluation, therefore, refers to assessing the performances of the activities in the strategic plan to check whether the objectives were met. The company executives and managers are able to know the performances of the projects, programs and activities that are meant to meet the company goals. It is important to stick to a strategy that works for the organization. Once a strategy is tested to work and proven to satisfy the company needs, it is advisable to trust it and stick to it; to be discipline to it. ( Robert P., 2008).

Potential Business Level Strategies for Cloudbiznet Solutions

These are the strategies that our company use in order to establish competitive advantage over its competitors. As discussed earlier, Cloudbiznet Solutions focuses on customer needs to ensure that they give the best services that they require. Being a cloud services provider, it is not enough to just give the best cloud platforms but to include unending efficient and effective support to the customers whenever they need. Most companies have lost their customers because they just provide a service and fail to do a follow-up to check if the customer is able to utilize that service to meet their needs. Our company seeks to close the gap. This will enable us to acquire many customers. We have, therefore, come up with methods that will help us achieve customer satisfaction.

Identifying Market Niche

Cloud computing is the way to go for most businesses currently. A while ago, people had not really understood the meaning of cloud computing and how it would help them in their businesses. However, with the ever evolving technology, many people have come to know of it and ventured into it. There is still a lot of market out there. With the emergence of improved ways of doing things, cloud offer a wide variety of services with improved functionalities. People are looking to have highly scalable services, backup and redundancy supported, fast access, security and reliability (no down times). Apart from these, customer require continuous support. We are looking to establish a 24 hour reliable and efficient support that involves online, phone calls and one-on-one support.

Coordination of Departmental Activities

We will have up to five departments which include: management, infrastructure, sales and marketing, accounts and support. Each unit will have its own manager to take charge of the activities done. He will be the one to provide guidelines of what is suppose to be done and ensure that the right end results are met. Sales and marketing, for example, has to make sure that our company I made public and our services be known to the people. They will be responsible for on-boarding customers and signing them up for services. The infrastructure will the provision the service and support takes over to follow up the customer and ensure they they are ever satisfied. This coordination improves organization, reputation and brand building.

Making Use of Human Resource

Knowledge and skills is the greatest asset a company can have. Human resource strategy is suppose to make a firm get professional services. It is the best way to attract and retain quality talent. (George F., 2011).Having a group of expertise that can deliver excellent services is a key value in an information technology environment. Mediocrity services will chase the customers away. To ensure customer satisfaction, we will ensue to schedule trainings on any new service so that every employee can handle it as required. We will also take time to brainstorm innovative ideas and support them whenever necessary. This is a move to ensure excellence in service delivery and innovation within the company.

Corporate Level Strategies for Cloudbiznet Solutions

Being a new company, Cloudbiznet will focus on growth without compromising on the customer satisfaction. The company seeks to double its profits in the by the end of the first seven years of operation. This means that the company focuses on growth strategy. We will concentrate on horizontal growth strategy. This well enable us to establish our branches in various parts depending on market/ population concentration. This is in line with bringing our services closer to the potential customers and also ensuring that support is as close to them as possible. We will also ensure to always research on the new products and services to bring them into business with the aim of meeting as many customer needs as possible.

Diversification strategy is another strategy that we will be planning to adopt thereafter when our business will have become established. During the process of our business, we will listen to and also do a research on the needs of the customers that are related to cloud computing or information technology in general. Over the time we will be able to put together the needs to enable us establish another company on the same.

Potential Global Strategies for Cloudbiznet Solutions.

Cloud computing is becoming the next big driver on business innovation. It cuts across almost all industrial sectors which are found in almost all the countries in the world. Since the services are online, it becomes easy to provision a service to any interested company in any part of the world. The challenge is how to market the business and made its services and operations known and accepted to the world. We will have to have known the kind of needs and trade patterns in various countries. It is important to first learn how to trade successfully then money will follow. (Robert C. M., 2009).

Some companies such as hospitals need to run and backup large critical data. This means that equipment and services involved should meet their needs and run their services without any worry. One of our global strategy, therefore, is to ensure adoption of broad technology that meet customer needs. We will have studied the diverse market and understand the potential customer needs to be able to support the right services. Another strategy will be to partner with other related companies in other countries and have them resell our services in therespective countries. They have a better understanding of the market in their own countries enabling a particular focus on every country rather than generalizing the market.

Strategy Recommendations for Cloudbiznet Solutions

Get the Right Technology and Expertise

Cloud computing is open to a variety of industrial and personal needs, These include, for example, virtual machines, voice over the Internet, streaming services, backup and restore, replication and mirroring, dedicated servers, private and public cloud provisioning and hosted software services among others. It covers a wide range of user from individuals, telecommunication sector, government services, health-care, manufacturing and production sector to name but a few.

It is important to understand the service each requires, rate of service utilization, level of security required, storage size among other needs. This will then help in procuring of equipment and also in deciding on the software to use in provisioning the services. The key goal is to satisfy customer needs and therefore it is important the they are taken care of. The employees should be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to be able to support the customers. This is achieved through constant training on the offered and emerging services. We will also ensure to motivate our team through awards and promotions.

Cost of Services

The aim of cloud computing it to reduce the IT costs for the potential customers. It is important to consider this fact to avoid unnecessary charges that lower the sense of cloud services. It is also meant to ease the IT operations of the customers. Services are paid per use. The scalability of cloud services takes care of the market demands. The customer utilizes less services when the demand is low and consequently pays less and vice-versa. The customer also a well- defined means of payment and agreed between us and them. Some pay monthly, others are billed quarterly while others annually.


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