Sum It Up

Discussion #1

“Sum It Up” Please respond to the following:

The textbook identified several issues that arise in the field of human resource (HR) management. Sum up the responsibility of HR management to address and solve these problems.

Because the United States has become a “melting pot,” one of the most important issues in the field of Human Resources Management today is how to identify and recruit qualified individualsfrom different races, sexes, and religion while at the same time, maintainingdiversity within the organization andthe second issuethey must address is hiring people in accordance to labor laws. Theyalso have to determine how much to offer a prospective employee based on their skillset and the salary range of the position and if the individual is over qualified, do they continue to pursue them or move on to the next qualified candidate.

Rate the three most important concepts that you learned in this course in order of importance (one being the most important).

There are many concepts that I learned during this course however, the most important were:

Discussion #2

  • Evaluation Process – by evaluating this process on an ongoing basis, it will allow the organization to adjust the plan accordingly. This process is also important because it ensures that the plan is having the desired effect. If the overall business plan is not proving to be effective, the evaluation process will show early indications of the problem so that adjustments can be made quickly.
    • Identification of Risks and Opportunities….Within every company process, there are risks as well as opportunities. The strategic management process can help a company identify these factors and evaluate them so that the best course of action can be chosen. In some cases, the possibility for opportunity may outweigh the risks involved, but the opposite may be also true. Without a good strategic management process, a company is at a definite disadvantage

    “Best Practices” Please respond to the following:

    Create a list of three best practices recruiters should use when screening potential candidates for a HR management position. Justify your selections.

    Some of the best practices the recruiter need to use for effectively screening the candidates for the HR management positions are:

    Create a new best practice for HR management based on the information that you learned in this course.

    • While screening the candidate the HR department needs to get the background check with reference to criminal background and previous employment so as to verify the performance and employment history. By this background check the employer can verify the information provided by the candidate during the interview.
      • While selecting for the management position, the candidate needs to have good exposure to diverse employment conditions and must possess the ability to face challenges. Therefore, while recruiting the candidate with all the desired skills need to be judged.
      • Screen the best candidate which is suitable for the environment of the company and not the best candidate from the resume, because even the best candidate cannot adjust in any environment and culture. The screening needs to be done to only that candidate whom company can accommodate but also on the basis of adaptability.

    Human Resource Management involves the management of the most important human resource of the organization on which the competitive edge of the organization depends. Some of the best practices of HRM are as follows: