Sustainable environment

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Sustainable environment


Summary of green initiatives

In our city of Rochester, New York, the green team has initiated a range of services meant to keep the city clean as well as protecting its natural resources.Since 2005, the Forestry team has been maintaining approximately 70,000 trees on the streets, parks, and cemeteries.The established “project green,” is an initiative which aims at converting the abandoned residential areas in the city into green spaceAlso, the Rochester Institute of Technology offers programs in sustainable mobility, energy and production systems.The city has ongoing green initiative series which challenges residents to improve their health and embrace nature love a project known as clean energy incubators meant to support growing clean energy firms (Dovers & Hussey, 2013).


Besides planting of trees, municipalities could lead to green communities through cleaning their houses up.Parking adversely affects the environment and detracts from community character. The parking management should upgrade and improve the parking facility design (Vezzoli & Manzini, 2008).Re-use and recycling would help reduce and have a better management of waste.Lessen the number of automobiles on the roads.Increase urban forestry.Use of carbon concierge.


the community level should carry out a recycling program as well as build a network of gardens.Benefits of sustainable clean water, urban forests, and livable community help to fight climate change.Lack of environments that provide clean air and water has resulted into epidemics.The local government should come up with the strict measure to those who don’t take care of the environment.The individual homeowners should assume the responsibility for their surroundings by keeping it clean and green (Vezzoli & Manzini, 2008)..Protecting and conserving our natural environment especially in the face of some global issues ensures its continued value for future generations.


Therefore, communities can promote wellbeing and human health by encouraging the development of an environment that offers abundant economic, social and other benefits.Preserving and enhancing the valuable natural resources would provide access to affordable and nutritious foods giving the society a unique sense and place.The local government should encourage the communities to develop healthier green buildings, and open spaces help promote adequate water and energy (Mickler & Fox, 1998).In so doing, the city avoids epidemics, high living costs, and climate change.

How the recommendations promote sustainability

Since the city is mostly covered with buildings, once it rains, runoff washes pollutants into the sewer system causing floods. However, rain gardens, vegetated roofs, wildlife habitat helps restore the local hydrology (Vezzoli & Manzini, 2008).Building strategies help minimize erosions.Planting of trees would provide enough air and water to the community as well as reducing the greenhouse effects.


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