Target Audience of case study

Target Audience of case study

Target Audience of case study

Demographic analysis of the target market

The demographic analysis usually divides up the larger portion of market size into several portions. This thus divides the audience involved. It identifies or sets apart the audience with similar characteristics and gives those a priority. They then look into fulfilling their customers’ needs based on their own analysis. They give the audience the opportunity to explore and give them their expectations based on the analyzed content.

The company is interested in making profits or long term benefits so they make sure they are ahead of their competitors. The demographic analysis is one of the best in this because it gives a clear or visible number in terms of potential clients. This drives the company in the direction they want. They give the content the audience request which eventually leads to keep growth of the company and making more profits.

The demographic analysis also strategizes and gives a summary of the competitive companies around. It is able to give an analysis on both the strengths and weaknesses of the company. This will enable the company set some achievable goals and strategies that will place them ahead of those companies. These goals will allow them target more audience and be ahead in their communication with their audience.

The demographic analysis also will do an analysis on the company. It will check on the employees, audience and the general company sub branches . It will give the company it’s progression, giving a clear and identified, the paths it should focus more and those that have potential but the efforts that are placed in there are not satisfactory and also those areas that are doom and draining the company’s resources.

Psychographic analysis of the target market

The demographic analysis cannot work alone for it needs the psychographic analysis as well. Psychographic usually involves looking into the interests of the audience. It is usually interested in why the audience or customers are interested. In this company communication. The company will look into a better communication with their audience through interviews, reviews and their analysis from websites or other sources.

The psychographic analysis will approach the market size by identifying the interests or hobbies of the audience. This will enable them to sort the market size into a narrow and manageable audience. From this they will be able judge whether the content they usually give their customers is usually satisfactory or the audience usually have better or higher expectations. Through this, the market size will be sorted out for the company to manage.

The psychographic analysis will help the communications company deal with the preferred content for the audience, this poses growth for the company. Having an increase in the number of audience is good for the company. These audience will eventually influence larger audience giving the company hope in fulfilling some long term benefits. Hence good and achievable goal or the company.

Several interviews or reviews on the audience will give a number of competitors. The audience will help the company in citing the advantages they get from the competitors and what interests them. This will help the company drift and find means to make the company more better and at an advantage compared to the other companies. Thus combining their strengths and working on what they lack or what they performed poorly will give the company a chance in fulfilling their goals.


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