Team A Presentation

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Team A Presentation


State the purpose of teamwork and objectives of this presentation

Purpose and Objectives

BAE SYSTEM Ship Repair

Examine the current strategic objectives of the organization

BAE Systems Strategic Structure

Determine the current structure of the organization

Strategic Objectives

Global Market

Discuss how expanding to a global market may affect work functions

Strengths1. Diversified business maintenance training and consulting2. Focus on R&D with over 85,000 people employed3. Strong growth in revenue and profits4. The company has its global presence in  Australia, India, Saudi Arabia, the UK and the US

Opportunities1. Strategic acquisitions would help build the foundation2. Rising global defense spending3. Growth in global defense market and maintenance support

Threats1. Intense competition2. Change in governments or government policy might affect their profits3. Slowdown in economy will result in budget cuts for emerging market governments

Weaknesses1. Relatively low employee productivity2. Unfunded employee post-retirement benefits3. Allegations of corruption have affected brand image






Determine the key components of a change management strategy for the restructuring

Management Strategy

Recommend next steps for an action plan.

Action Plan

BAE SYSTEM Homepage: and Markets: BAE Systems plc – Strategy and SWOT Report—Strategy


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