Teams and Communication

“Teams and Communication” Please respond to the following:

Examine the team building techniques found in the PMI article titled “Team Building and Development in a Matrix Environment” located at Then, give your opinion on the manner in which team dynamics affects communication and conflict resolution among its members.

Team building is an activity that enhances social relations and establishes roles within the team. Technique is a manner in which a person carries out a task and therefore, team building techniques are ways of carrying out tasks to develop loyalty which is a critical foundation for getting an excellent outcome from matrix project team.

Holding kick-off meetings in order to set an understanding of everyone’s role, the purpose of it, and the scope is a great way to start the process of embarking in the development of the project. The delivery process shall be defined clearly to enlighten how work is supposed to be done and managers create conflict management forum that takes the initiative to understand the cause of conflict and establish a transparent process of solving it. In others words, it is all about setting expectations for everyone on the team and laying out the rules and guidelines to be followed in case of conflict or any uneventful roadblock.

Team building events that enhance positive team’s dynamics development and social activities that create team spirit are the best way to go. Even with two team members holding the same position, you will have conflict since no human is exactly the same as the next. There is personality, both personal and professional, that has to be taken account for. No two project managers (PM) are the same and will not approach the same project in the same way.

One thing that should be done and is usually overlooked is end of project celebration. It is used to acknowledge success by the organization to celebrate the achievement of the goal. Lets face it, projects are long, and usually tiring both mentally and professionally, so having an outcome were team members can come together to celebrate achievements and put everything together is a great outcome and will boost team morale, which is key for the successful completion of any project, not just in information technology.

The successful rollout of all team dynamics can positively affect communication and conflict resolution among members. It will allow for conflict to be acknowledged and addressed. The avenue for conflict resolution must be laid out before the project start and must be successfully used in order to have members not to get on a conflict that will potentially impact the project.