Technology and Young Children

In today’s society technology is around every corner and though technology is great ways to keep in contact with family that are in another town or state and help individuals keep up with the news, and so on, but there are a few downsides to technology. In this post I will discuss why technology can be harmful to young children. As it stated in the webinar video children should and need limits with technology. Children do not need excessive amounts of time watching television or chatting away on the computer. One thing that I believe is really important is due to the fact that children are spending way too much time with watching television, playing video games and playing on the computer whether it is chatting, texting or playing games. I can remember when I was younger we did not have too much technology in our household instead of texting one another we would sit down as a family and talk about our day. We would go outside and play till the sun went down and still after that I was outside playing in the yard or helping my family with chores around the house. I agree with the webinar that there should be limits for children when it comes to technology. We as adults, parents and educators should ask ourselves is this the proper way to teach our little ones by using movies or other forms of technology? Is it appropriate for this age level and will it accomplish what the children need to know and the skills that they should be developing?


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