Terrorist Behavior Vs. Criminal Behavior

Terrorist Behavior Vs.Criminal Behavior


Table of Contents

Table of ContentsCauses & Motivations-TerroristMotivations of the Ordinary Violent CriminalSide By Side ComparisonDifference Between Political & Religious TerrorismCultural Aspects That Influence Terrorist and Criminal Behaviour References

Causes and Motivations of the Terrorist

Lack of OpportunitiesMany young people join because they lack tools to compete in modern technological worldRecessionary EconomyBad economies compound lack of opportunityAlienationJoins because they are out of the political and social mainstreamRadical IdeasHave been raised to believe in and hate oppressors

Causes and Motivations of the Terroristcontinued…

SocializationStrong family and social bonds are formed within these groups tied to mosques etc.Religious or Ideological ViewsExtreme eschatology causes people to commit violence to achieve changePolitical StatementsGroups commit violence to make political statements in order to effect change

Motivations of the Ordinary Violent Criminal

Motivation of ordinary violent criminals differs from the motivation of terrorists completely. They commit crime for the following reasons:Cash- Often they commit murder, robbery, burglary while seeking financial gain to support drug habits, and buy merchandise.Goods- Ordinary criminals will also commit robbery, burglary, and other crimes trying to obtain merchandise that they can sell for cash.Personal Goals- Criminals may have a personal goal such as revenge that will motivate

Side-by-side Comparison

Will not bargain if caughtWell TrainedSpecific often symbolic targetsLarger Scale ViolenceDo not care about mortalityUses crime and violence to render a statement about their cause

Likely to bargain for lesser sentenceOften disorganized Targets mostly based on opportunitySmall scale violenceDoes not want to dieUses crime as a means to get cash and merchandise

Differences between Religious and Political Terrorism

Political Terrorism People join for a cause May not be as committed as religious terrorist Operate on a fundamental political and cultural framework Would rather make allies than kill people for the cause

Religious TerrorismPeople join because of belief in deity100 percent dedicated to causeSee the whole world as a battlefield See killing as a religious necessity and a sacred act

Cultural Aspects that Influence Terrorists and Criminal Behavior

Terrorists are heavily influenced by their individual cultures producing culture clashes which may cause hatred and a desire to impose cultural beliefs on one anotherCrime is influenced by social class status, and might be learned from parents or other influences such as friends, or one may live in an area where committing crime is deemed normal (inner cities)


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