Texas Government

Texas Government





Do you have a positive or negative impression about your government overall? Why or why not?

I have a positive impression about my government, the government of the state of Texas. This is because of May working policies that the government has put in place that makes it favorable to people to dwell and even start their business and end up being successful. This is evidenced by the increasing number of Americans who are moving to Texas to start over their lives and Silicon Valley companies that have moved here to set up the base. Incentives like favorable tax rates compared to other states make the first destination for companies and have made the economy of the state grow steadily in the past few years and by extension the driver of the entire US economy (Newcomb, 2010).

Government regulation has played a major role in this. The cost of housing is not more than the cost of materials and labor. This regulation has provided many people with affordable housing. The state also has no state-level income tax in comparison to other states. People get to save more. It is also significantly easier to start a business as there are minimal to no requirements in some like interior design business.

If you could personally change ONE thing about how our government functions what would it be? Why?

To this extent, I wouldn’t change anything about Texas and how it is run by the government. 21st century is all about attracting investors and businesses setting up and providing employment to its people. Texas government has done this by putting in place regulations, or lack thereof it, that promote job creating and employment. The government is on a right desirable path and I wouldn’t change a thing about it


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