The America I believe In

The America I believe In





The America I believe in

I believe in America where there is love and care for the youths. I believe in our people and we love our country. I believe in America because we depend on our strength whereby our society deals with openness and our loving nature to welcome more people into our country. The American i believe in is one of the best countries supporting the welfare of our young people through creation of patriots youth contest. This is one of the greatest ways of bringing youths together and ensuring that they have something to share. The American I believe in holds youth competition whereby around 132,000 youths compete for youth essay contest. The winner of the competition is awarded $5000 and all his or her trip expenses paid.

Additionally, patriot’s pen is a contest which gives opportunity to the young people to practice their intelligence and give out ideas. . The winner is also allowed a chance to compete for national awards. This makes youths to be active in academics between grades 6-8. It also offers opportunity for more youths to interact and socialize through the competition. This is a greater chance given to youths to explore their strengths in the writing field. I believe America which provides light to the darkest corners of this world. The American I believe in is full of life, liberty and love to the people. I trust and love my country. My country is the source of happiness in the worst time of my life.

In conclusion, America will remain my dream country whereby the world needs to spend the entire time in. I love America for her welcoming nature and love to the people. I believe in America with a charitable heart which caters for all people around the globe in need of her motherly love and care. The America I believe in operates with a big and open heart for all people. I believe in my country as my mother, my mentor and my love.