The Basis for Objectives

The basis of objectives




Date due

Marketing communications helps an individual to convey important information about your brand. Dinner needs to use marketing communication in order to stay in touch with the customers. In order to be able to advertise your goods and services, you need to use marketing communication to convey important information about your company. it is important to define realistically the people who will be benefited from your products. In order for the demographic plan to help you, locate large numbers which are enough at 3miles. Ensure that the communication plan used reach your demographic. Ensure that you communicate with your potential customers to be the target market. The best channel for dinner to use will be determined by the target audience. Dinner should first identify the language the customers would understand easily. Then use the best communication method to convey the message to the customers. In this case, dinner is supposed to use Google and also advertisements notes to display the products (Fill, 2009).

In conclusion, dinner should communicate immediately after starting the business. Marketing of the products can be very expensive but becomes easy after identifying who is the target customers and where to locate the business. The most important of dinner is to create the brand awareness to the target population. It is also important for dinner to increase the annual banquet to ensure that the goal is measurable and time bound. Dinner should also ensure that the marketing plan is inform of written document to act as a guide. The time bound should be identified well either between February to June. This will be easy to evaluate whether the business is making a progress or it is stagnant (Fill, 2009).


Fill, C. (2009). Marketing communications: engagements, strategies and practice. Pearson Education.