The CLER Model

From the case study, determine the manner in which Maya addressed the CLER. Provide four (4) examples (one [1] for each step) to support your rationale. Recommend one (1) additional resource, not mentioned in the case study, which supports the implementation process. Provide a rationale for your recommendation of this resource

   Configuration-   (groups, individuals, cultures within an organization)  Maya addressed this issue by first meeting with the teacher, the principal and students and other teachers  observing and asking questions. She  sought views fromall sides of the situation.

    Linkages– (relations or network between designer and stakeholders)  Maya upon contact from the teacher immediately started to think of her time in the class room  and forged an informal bond with Ruth Ann. She gathered curriculum data, grades , placement of students and got input from various teacher and students.  Maya also consulted with people outside of the client organization about a program she wished to implement to see how it worked.

    Environment-   (physical, social and intellectual forces at play) Maya determined that the children were out of control and deficient in math skills.  The environment was also somewhat hostle in that many of the homes did not stress education.  she also discovered that the resource materials being used did not support the curriculum or an innovative way to teach the course.

    Resources- ( use to support implementation) Maya  proposed  new resource materials and promised training for Ruth Ann

My suggestion would be some type of formal professional development for Ruth Ann and also a tutoring program for the children

Summarize the six (6) types of resources that support the implementation process. Select one (1) resource type and apply it within your project or the context of your choice. Provide examples to support your rationale.

   Conceptual- technical skills and support ( access to databases, training)      Influence– goodwill, shaming, incentives (things such as offering benefits or  threatening demotion)  Material – money, computers , books, space

Personnel  – people who can assist with what ever is needed    Institutional – the infrastructure (technology/ communication and personnel) You need the internet for laptops

Influence fits bests for my project.  What better way to get people motivated than to offer some type of reward.   Showing goodwill creates an environment  of mutual respect. We are more likely to be more positive around people we respect that respect us.  At some point informing a group or individual of the consequences of their choices is needed.  Motivation at its core is about influence be it internal or external.