The Communication Plan Concept

The Communication Plan Concept

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The Communication Plan Concept

Basically, means communication has evolved greatly over the years to constitute the current communication channels of date. The current communication channels have made communication simple, efficient (timely) and a little secure. This evolution in communication has been seen through by military that has worked years through to secure and enhance their communication to ensure the information reach destination on time and secure. The communication plan with regard to the given scenario entails:

The aim/ objectives of the communication of the soldier, let’s call him Jack who intends to communicate about National Infrastructure Protection Plan is to ensure timely, secure and efficient information sharing through a memo. The audiences are the troop members of Jack battalion and jack himself and the information shared regard National Infrastructure Protection Plan. The most recommendable information sharing method entails the cryptography method.

The following diagram below shows information flow under cryptography category communication means.

The information flow in the cryptography occurs as flows. The sender (Jack) with intention to send the memo writes the memo and saves it his computer. The Jacks computer encrypts the information in the memo and identifies the receiver (his troop members). Jack generates private key and public key. He shares public key with his troop members who as well generate the public and private key. Jack uses the private key to encrypt the data (National Infrastructure Protection Plan contents) and send it over network to his troop members who decrypt is using their respective private keys hence linking them together. Besides, Jack may also consider using the military radio signals to enhance the sharing of information.


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