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Jeff Sandefer Entrepreneur

Sandefer Company has now expounded producing reliant students who understand the dynamics of the entrepreneurship and through guidance from their teachers have innovated many items which have fetched good money in the market. The company currently has its academy where they train students under the leadership of teachers to pursue their entrepreneurship dream. The company has developed online simulations games in which players learn about ways to use to spot production challenges in the factory. The game though developed during his schooling period has benefited the students now by availing these necessary resources. The Children’s Business Fair is quite important to this company. They have managed to shape up some good creative students who have challenged the market using their marvelous creativity.

Reese is one of these students. This student designed hand-stationeries which fetched good profit when they were sold. In her words, she claimed that the business fair helps her link well with other potential entrepreneurs hence improved her passion for art. Some of her product she designed with the aid of the Business fair is caftans, ponchos, portraits, drawings on pastel, and scarves.

The Sandefer Company has numerous programs the students. For example, they have programs running after four to six weeks where actions students take different projects. An example of such project is explicit entrepreneurial which have its deliverable after each week. This deliverable under entrepreneurship includes; cost per item calculation, the price of each material, and selling price determination. They also submit their marketing strategy and design. The programs are based on critical thinking and practice. The company is growing, and its name was spreading which is evident by the demand from the children to attend it. They have future expansions hope to navigate other areas that they have not manage to penetrate.