The Huawei Company

The Huawei Company





The 5G mobile technology will be a major shift in the mobile communications networks infrastructure. To achieve this totally new radio access network and a new core network are required to increase the performance required in the mobile technology (Von 2008). The new 5G mobile communications system will enable many new mobile abilities to be acquired offering high speed range access, large capacity and much more that provides the bearer for more new applications within the mobile technology.

However, 5G mobile technology will provide the basis for an enormous positive change in the performance of mobile devices. Compared to previous technologies this enables a super-fast download speeds up to a hundred times faster than the previous technology. The technology also widely reduces delay of information and data but also can connect many more devices to the internet (Boutellier et al. 2008).  Since 5G uses shorter wavelengths, antennas can be much smaller in that it will be able to provide more precise directional control. As a result, a single 5G base station can support more devices than the previous generations.

Honor is a sub-brand under the Huawei Group that was established in 2013. Since its existence in the market, the Honor has boosted Huawei compete in budget online brands in especially in China (Von 2008). The company began its international expansion in 2014 and in April it was launched in Malaysia, and it entered the European market in October the same year, then to Europe in 2015, later the expansion proceeded to over 74 countries, including European nations, India, and Japan

Huawei builds possibilities for its survival. By giving authority to a group believed to be of “greater minds” to act as rotating and acting CEOs, it allows them to make decisions within certain limits while they face a competitive and changing world. After the rotation, the non-acting rotating CEOs are still part of the company under this rotational system, the company ensures that outstanding employees are dedicated to work under the leadership of different rotational leadership system (Boutellier et al. 2008. This practice helps company maintain and sustain development and expanding the market.

In summary, one of the appealing aspects of 5G is that it will allow increased access for mobile devices. For example, 5G will enable an average user to have a high download speed. The broader contribution this will make to a more sustainable economy is limited at best.


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