The Responsibilities of Case Manager

The Responsibilities of Case Manager




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The Responsibilities of Case Manager

The case manager has got a responsibility of ensuring that the client gets the best services which are timely and satisfactory. The needs of the client should be met despite of their age, gender or their ethnic groups. In this case, the manager should ensure that there is safety and the wellbeing of the children is their first priority. It is the responsibility of the case managers to ensure that these families fully participate in every culturally relevant action. In addition, the case managers should identify any need within the assigned families and make effective response to these needs. This will be possible if the case managers create effective collaborative and relevant organization to help them with the information from the community or from these assigned families (Rosenbaum et al. 2008).

Conclusively, every individual should be addressed differently depending to their needs. This would ensure that every child in every family is attended to and effective response is ministered. There should be set goals to achieve in these families from the case managers to ensure that the best services have been given. These goals and also collaborative programs will ensure that the resources are used effectively. Support should be provided in these families either morally, financially or spiritually to ensure that their confidence is improved (Rosenbaum et al. 2008).


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