The Role of a Health Care Manager

Function Identify the role of a health care manager in the function stated. Provide an explanation that illustrates the role of a health care manager as it applies to the function in the health care Industry.
Organizing This is refers to putting in place healthcare team that will deliver efficiently on the role they are assigned. It involves coordinating and providing step by step guidelines in the departments they are allocated by the managers. For healthcare mangers, their role in organizing involves the careful undertaking of logical steps and processes that will put together the teams required to perform healthcare functions in in a more efficient way. It involves the shifts that doctors and nurses will have, inventory management in the drugs store sections and bed-spaces for inpatient etc. This happens on a daily.
Planning Planning in healthcare management is the careful consideration of actions and undertaking to meet the organization’s short term and long-term goals. Mangers are responsible for doing this. Planning is the core of any managerial role as it allows employees and stakeholders to have a clear vision of where the organization is headed. For th case of health managers, the health organization will have short and log term goal that the managers must aspire to achieve. For this to happen, managers will be forced to put in place policies and plans that advise the daily working and routine and also the staff required to achieve the goals.
Controlling This is where the healthcare managers oversee the day to activities of employees and determining what they will do on a regular basis in order to achieve the health organization’s goals. They take appropriate corrective and improvement actions to increase performance of employees. The aspect of controlling in managers includes majorly the determination of what employees will do without being given any degree of freedom to do according to their will. Managers are normally more inclined to control when they find themselves in company of less trust worthy employees when they can’t replace the. The aspect of controlling is some sectors other that healthcare than have not much repercussion incase something goes wrong is being phased out in favor of employee self-control and determination. In healthcare however, control must always be emphasized since it is the lives of people that are at stake healthcare managers bears the utmost responsibility.
Leading Leading is where the health managers provides and guidelines and stick to them by doing it so that their subordinates can follow. This is very important for any managers since employees are more inclined to do what their manager does. Managers can provide leadership through guidance, mentorship etc (University of Phoenix, 2018) Leadership is probably the most important role of a managers. This is because this role entails the provisions of guidance and direction the healthcare organizations take in achieving it’s goals. Leadership also entails giving employees a chance to grow and develop in order to contribute to the organization’s wellbeing and attainment of goals. Leadership means being ahead with your employees and not laving them far behind whilst being an example. Younger employees especially those fresh from college normally need someone experience to provide leadership so they can adapt quickly to the work environment and only managers who are leaders can provide this smooth transition.