The Structure of Statements Translating If and And Statements

The function of IF and AND are different. Here we discuss about these main if & an and. And also discuss some example for the clarification.

One of the main difference between IF and and that directions and learning to use logical connectives in working on proofs is when we generally learn to use the logical connectives and we will be able to process much longer and more complicated sets of sentences than we would want to keep in mind as directions for handling situations in the workplace.


Logical connectives can be thought of as words that link together two or more sentences, as in the examples above. They are also called operators, and this is the sense of the term we will have enough knowledge in this type module. This way a logical connective operates on a sentence is to tell how to interpret the complex sentence.

For let’s take example, two sentences are joined by and, after that the entire complex sentence is true only if both the individual parts are true. For more idea take one example for ground idea for this.

Consider the example above about sending a confirmation to a client. We know this intuitively when we consider two sentences linked by and, but we need to learn the rules so we will be able to process complicated sets of sentences. And we can learn more about this. Actually this is little complicated but after the following rules and some practice we have easily idea about this.


In this module, we will focus on if and and. We will read through and work through examples of arguments as preparation for beginning to work on additional connectives and truth tables in the next module.

We have probably noticed the challenges involved in translating ordinary sentences into logical symbols. In English language, we use a wide variety of words & word orders to indicate similar logical ideas.


We do not have to use the word “and” in English in order to communicate the logical operator and. If we tell a little boy, “Come downstairs. Bring wear shoes,” he knows it means for him to do both things, & he will not have completed the assigned task unless he does both of them. But the word “and” was never used. This thing is important to learn about the and.


To make things more complicated. People sometimes use words that are the same as logical connectives in ways where they do not function as logical operators. For solve this, let take one example for the more idea of this. Here two character talking and one character using and without link two sentences.


For example, imagine two co-workers, John and Natasha, having a conversation after Natasha has returned from a week-long vacation. John might mentally skip around as she describes the projects on which Natasha needs to updates the information about what has happened in the office and what has happened to John personally. So, in the middle of describing a project they will be working on, John might add, “Oh, and I finally ordered that book I was telling we about.”

Even though John used the word “and,” John did not intend to link the sentence to one of the sentences about their project. But john use and. Sometimes people use AND strating in sentences but that no means they linked two sentences using an AND. We should know about this.


The If operator is similar to the and operator when it comes to translating ordinary sentences into logical form. You don’t have to use the phrase. “if ………. then,” this is the communicate the idea of the operator. You can arrange sentences & clauses in many different orders. The logical situation with If is very complicated than with and, so that we will cover If in two different modules. We should look at this point for an idea in the sentences.


We should notice sentences containing if, which are more complicated than we cover other ones in this chapter. That’s okay. So that make a note to ourself about such situations arising and wait for the logical connective if, which corresponds to the English phrase, If & only if.” We should learn about the if and an and for the more and more idea for this type of sentences of if and an and. More and more practice and knowledge of rule only may help for this. We all are in daily life of uses this rules but we never notice about this. More practice make perfect in this


As we begin thinking about the relationships among sentences, we will learn to identify logical operators without needing to see the English words that are the same as the operators. So that It will take more and more practice.