Theme of Love in the Story of Midsummer




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Theme of Love in the Story of Midsummer.

I choose to examine a theme in the story of Midsummer which is a book that was written by William Shakespeare. In this story there are so many different themes such as marriage, order and disorder, appearance and reality, natural order and so on. ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ has in details explored the theme of love whereby the characters in the story have been driven crazy by love. We see that throughout the play the magic juice make some characters fall in deep and true love while some other characters fall out of love as they chase one another in and out of the woods something that makes the fairy queen to feel that she has fell in love and she is not only feeling that she has fell in love actually this makes her fall in love with a very literal jackass.

To begin with, love has been manifested throughout the play whereby different characters who are obsessed by love act in a very funny way. According to the author of this play, William Shakespeare, love is really an obstacle that turns us all into madmen. This statement is very true and evident in this story due to some that some characters are seen doing due to love madness. The first character that we are going to examine and see the direction towards which love drove him is called Lysander. He speaks the some words in the play whereby he says that he taught that he could ever read either from tales or history that that the journey and course of true love has never been smooth (Bruce, Pg. 21)

Lysander speaks those words with the purpose of soothing Hernia who is deeply stressed by the challenges that is facing their love. The cause of stress is as a result of her father Egeus her father who has forbidden them from marrying. On the same point of being forbidden from marrying, Theseus is adding some stress to her by threatening that he would kill her if she went ahead and disobeyed her father. In his words, Lysander is encouraging Hermia by telling despite the challenged that has been facing their love, the fact is that true love is evident and has existed between the two and even if the challenges cross their way they won’t change that love that is there. Lysander goes ahead and mentions these challenges that are affecting their love which we later see being manifested later in the play (William, Pg. 88). Some of the challenges just to mention, are, like misgrafted differences in their ages in terms of years and also some other challenges that are caused by their friends such as war and sicknesses which make love to seem impossible. In response to Lysander’s makes a comment that true lovers should accept challenges that arise in love and try to treat them as a price that they should pay so as to have romantic bliss (William, Pg. 140). Therefore the above lines advocate for this plays theme of love that lovers must persevere all the challenges they encounter in love so that at long last they may enjoy it.

In the middle of the play there are some words that are uttered by Helena whereby she tries to figure out the nature of love and concludes that love is irrational in nature. These words are very important because they try to bring out the image and the presentation of love that the play is bringing out. Helena is speaking these words out of the stress that she has because her lover Demetrius is in love with Hermia (David, Pg. 111). She can’t explain the reason for Demetrius’ behavior because she is just as beautiful as Hermia which means that Demetrius can’t see her beauty. There are so many other incidents that the theme of love has been portrayed in this play but the above incidents bring about the theme of love so well.

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