Three Pillars Essay

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I have always been the type of person that has always made sure that my friends and family was always taken care of. Some people would always say that I have a servant personality and that would go a long way in the workforce, because I am always wanting to make sure that everyone I come across is always taken care of. Since I have been taken care of my parents’ welfare, it took me in a direction where I wanted to go to school to get in the healthcare industry. So I decided to get my masters’ in Healthcare Management.


After completing my degree, my vision is to serve my follow employees and patients. I would use my ethics and entrepreneurism in my field because I would need to make decisions that would be good for the hospital that I would be working at and also to make sure that there is enough coverage for patients to be taken care of. I would make sure that I will always use the servant leadership, so that my employees would trust and respect me and my patients would feel safe and trust us with their healthcare. When you are using servant leadership you are helping others achieve their goals by focusing on awareness and self-knowledge from their leader. “Servant leadership can build a better relationship between patient and provider, where the patient is receiving better care at a lower cost” (Trasteck et al., 2014).

Social good in the industry and community

By me receiving my degree in healthcare I would be a part of the great good by making sure that people are educated, respected, and taken care of. That can be by me volunteering my own time to go out to shelters or get with non-profit organization and help where I can be used to help others. I can also discuss it with the hospital and other employees, because the more the better. Also by the hospital giving their time, they are also showing the community that they care and that the really want to help people and not because it is their job.

In the healthcare industry you are using all three pillars (servant leadership, ethics, and entrepreneurism). They all go hand and hand, you need that type of leadership to build trust and respect with others. When it comes to ethics you will be always challenged, because you are not always having patient contact, but your actions and decision will affect the patients care. Being an administrator, my obligations would be to the patients, employees, community, and organization.

Entrepreneurism is helping you to grow the organization and keeping value in it. Another way you can look at it is that by using entrepreneurism, you are always adapting and creating new things in a high pace industry. If you cannot keep up, then you will always behind and no organization would want to hire you. I personally would always make sure that I am marketing new ideas and listening to my staff so that the organization can continue to grow. In the healthcare industry there is always changes, since you are dealing with the government, and local/state agencies, we have to make sure that Americans’ welfare is being handled with care.

Ethics is very challenging when it comes to healthcare, because the obligations of the administrator can come into conflict with each other. You have to make sure that your ethics show that you have respect for others and that your decision is what is best for the patients.

If the community sees that the organization is showing that they are here for the people, then the reputation of the organization would continue to be good in the people eye.

Christian mission of Grand Canyon University

The three pillars relate to the Christian mission for GCU, by using servant leadership you are serving other and you are helping them achieve their goals. With ethics they are helping you realize your moral/principles. Lastly, entrepreneurism we are given the skills to adapt and change in a demand job market. With all these pillars we would develop “maturity and education of ethical and morally respectable citizens who continue on the path of lifelong learning” (Grand Canyon University, 2016).


I know that I have made a great choice to attend Grand Canyon University, because not only will I learn more about Christian heritage. I am also being challenge to become a great leader and communicator. This will help me go far in my career, because I already have the foundation of the three pillars but GCU is here to help me develop them.


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