Ticket Seller Part II Coding Phase

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Ticket Seller

Part II: Coding Phase

FormObjectEvent TriggerEvent process
frmMainExitToolStripMenuItemClickCloses the main form
 SetupGameToolStripMenuItemClickOpen frmSetup form
 SellTicketsToolStripMenuItemClickOpen frmSell form
 DailyReportToolStripMenuItemClickDisplay sales Daily Report
 WeeklyToolStripMenuItemClickDisplay weekly Daily Report
 SetupButtonClickOpen frmSetup form
 SellTicketsButtonClickOpen frmSell form
frmSetupGameTextBoxUser InputUser input for name of game
 DateTextBoxUser InputUser input for date of game
 PricesTextBoxUser InputUser input for ticket price
 SeatsTextBoxUser InputUser input for number of seats available or total tickets available
 DoneButtonClickClose the window
frmSellAvailableTicketsTextBoxDisplays number of available tickets
 CurrentDateUser InputUser Input for date of tickets sold
 SellTicketsTextBoxUser InputUser Input for number of tickets sold
 TicketsCostTextBoxDisplays cost of tickets sold
 TotalSaleTextBoxDisplays total cost of tickets sold
 DiscountTextBoxDisplay discounted amount if tickets sold are more than 10
 DoneButtonClickDisplay updated / calculated values
 ExitButtonClickClose the window
frmReportDailyReportRadioButtonClickDisplays daily report in list box
 WeeklyReportRadioButtonClickDisplays weekly report in list box
 ReportListBoxDisplays daily/ weekly report in list box
 DoneButtonClickClose the window

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