Training Assessment

“Training Assessment” Please respond to the following:

  • Week 7
  • Discussion # 1

Imagine you are a new employee in a human resource (HR) department. Your first task is to develop a stress management seminar for the employees. Determine the topics that should be covered in the seminar. Support your selection of the topics.

After discussing the ways to reduce stress, I would demonstrate how each section can be used as a stress reliever by providing examples of how me and others have successful used these techniques in our lives to de-stress.

  • Stress management is a technique that is used to remove stress from life by identifying the factors that cause stress. Stress is a very normal psychological condition of the human mind that arises due to unfulfilled expectations. Stress is more common in high pressured environments where the supervisor and/or manager is pushing performance production of the job that he/she is tasked with. As a new employee, when developing this seminar I would cover the following topics to reduce stress:
  • Skills to handle conflicts
  • Physical exercise
    • Maintaining productivity
    • Meditation
    • Journaling
    • Impact of stress management on employee productivity

Develop criteria to assist in selecting the vendor to use for the training.

I would use the following criteria to identify the most appropriate vendor by:

Discussion #2

  • Assessing the needs of the organization;
  • Identifying how many employees would be interested in attending the seminar;
  • Determining how much time will be required for the training to be successful;
    • Reviewing historical data from previous seminars that are similar to this one and polling the employees to determine if they felt it was useful.
    • Once the needs assessment has been completed, I would solicit proposals from several vendors to determine which one would be a “best” fit for our organization.
    • Once the vendor is selected, I would review the prospective representative’s credentials and qualifications.
    • Conduct face-to-face meetings to explain our organization’s and the vendor’s needs. During this meeting, we would discuss the venue to conduct the seminars, i.e. should they be held on or offsite; and determine what resources they will require from us and/or our employees prior to the seminar starting.

“Training Effectiveness” Please respond to the following:

Go to the Chief Learning Officer’s (CLO) Website and read the article titled “Southwest Airlines: Employee Education Takes Flight”. Next, determine if Southwest’s method of training is an effective way to conduct training. Support your position. Provide one recommendation for improvement.

After reading the article, I have determined that Southwest Airlines is using the best methods for providing training to their employees. They have a University that offers training to their employees and it focuses on every aspect of employee development. They have eight training departments that arecontinuously improved to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their employees. The effectiveness of the training program can be seen through their low turnover rates. Low turnover rates are an indication that the employees have trust and faith in the organization where they are employed.