Training needs of a company – PowerPoint Presentation

Training needs of a companyNameInstitution

Discuss the training needs assessment (company: Petgourmand)

There is a need to equip all the employees with basic but crucial computer skills necessary to make work easier for them, hence ensuring that the output per day is noticeable.Diversity regarding using tools such as those used in data analysis, most of which make such tasks simpler than ever should be employed in different companies to realize a shift in the understanding of various aspects in an organization. With such shifts, an organization is likely to witness more rapid growth (Cockburn & Highsmith, 2001).Modern communication skills such as the use of Skype, emails and other techniques that ease the flow of information needs to be well understood from the top to the bottom level. Assumptions that all employees are conversant with the different avenues that can be used to improve internal communication should not be adhered to and hence employees should receive training to be apt with the simple but indispensable communication skills.

Validate the need for chosen training methods.

Taking of online lessons to learn how to use as well as on how to make the most out of application available online as well as tools -Using technological tools Does not only ensure productivity is increased, it also ensures synchronization of several aspects of a company’s undertaking. A computer application, for example, that allows individuals to choose a payment mode for products, could extend its functionality by having an option of printing a receipt for the client and keeping the record of the items bought as well as the amount of money used. By individuals taking online lessons on to gain such skills, development of the organization is guaranteed. There is a need to increase productivity and hence competitiveness of the organization at hand. Inviting a trainer ensures that individuals with different learning needs are likely to benefit, making the organization benefit in the long run.

Explain ways to meet training needs.

From time to time, a professional should be invited, to take the employees from the different department through a practical undertaking that they would actually incorporate in the workplace.All employees should enroll in an online course that provides detailed tutorials and guides them on how to apply various technological skills in the work place. Course enrolment should be matched with the department skills requirements in which the individual works for.Individuals should be encouraged to be inquisitive and eager to gain knowledge by using training avenues that are motivational. They should also be made to understand that the training will eventually benefit them in their other areas of their lives.

Discuss potential barriers to training.

Funds or capital are likely to be a major barrier as different the company’s resources are likely to be strained, especially where some types of training were not earlier on planned for but deemed important in the course of other training undertakings (Cummings & Worley, 2014).Taking by taking online courses, it is hard to understand the strengths as well as weaknesses of the different individuals; hence, it is difficult to intricately care for each of them, in such a manner that makes all of them champions. Besides, the learning capacities of different employees might differ, making the gaining of skills stretched, hence, a quick impart of skills through online avenues might not be as effective.For individuals who handle more than one task in the organization, they might require taking extra lessons, an undertaking that will be more tasking for them and draining.

Budget estimation and evaluation of the training

The budget is likely to be $5000 for one year. The high cost is due to the need to not only train the individuals but also to access them and retrain individuals who will not have gained the required skills. Discuss how you will evaluate the training. Some of the evaluation techniques include:An observation by the management on how the different departments implement the skills they learn should be carried out.Each departmental output will be measured, before and after the training, to ascertain whether training undertaken have influenced output.Benchmarking should be carried out with an organization whose operation is close to the specified organization but is more technologically competent. The undertaking should be before and after training. The effect of the training can be gauged from that of the given company.


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