Understanding the category Professional Product

Understanding the category: Professional Product






Understanding the category: Professional Product

According to (Capella, 2017), a capstone project is comprised of the whole work covered in an academic year. A capstone is submitted by students at the completion of an education program. It is meant to equip the student or researcher with the skills needed for them to apply the knowledge they acquire after finishing the academic program. It is also responsible for providing an in depth interpretation to the student or researcher. The capstone is considered as the final course that leads to the final professional product.

The Curriculum deliverable type

This type of deliverable requires a researcher or student to look into current practices or investigate and search for new ideals. It is important that the students or researcher do a detailed research on the curriculum deliverable so that they can identify if it will create a curriculum product. If a student or researcher decides to create a curriculum product, they must first review information and find out if it is suitable for solving the situation or problem.

The curriculum product usually introduces itself in terms of a curriculum, course or a professional development. However, the project should be able to emphasize on a problem or current issue that affects an organization in a rate that is cumbersome for them to solve individually. The outcome that is found or discovered should show that it has the capability of meeting the requirements of the solution to the problem. The curriculum product should also be backed up by the data in the doctoral level. A set of questions is needed in order to guide the curriculum product. In most cases these questions are usually similar with those of product evaluation (Capella, 2017).

The change management plan deliverable

In order to complete doctorate education, a change management plan is necessary. Change management plan deals with solving problems in a systematic and arranged manner. Thus it does well with the evolving needs in an organization. However it must be integrated and backed up by its performance. There is a need of having knowledge of efficiency and a key player in change management. As shared by (Young, 2017), knowledge on how to deal with change is among the requirements in change management. The knowledge behind the creation of a proposal for purposes of securing approval and providing support for change management plan is essential. It is also essential to have knowledge on issues and the dimensions that lead to gradual change.

A change management plan is comprised of procedure, materials and organizational actions that have been made specially to create change while an organization achieves its goals. The purpose of a change management plan is to show the cause of change, describe the type and level of change and also expound on the specifics of the change. Among the other purposes of change management plan is to specify on the requirements needed for change management as well as coming up with a plan for communications (Young, 2017).


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