unit 5 Discussion revised

Unit 5: Discussion Assignment






(PR Burden, DM Byrd, 2015) states that evolution in education has taken place in a short period of time. My thesis statement is that students should use tablets instead of textbooks because tablets have no limit when it comes to resources. A tablet is a personal computer customized to be portable and with a good memory storage. I believe that using tablets are better than textbooks. It has the ability to keep so many files and applications. It creates a good learning environment for students.

Tablets compared to the traditional textbook has features like pictorials, and have applications such as the visual aid and audio books. Tablets also have the ability to hold so many information like several textbooks and course work. They have the ability to retrieve information once they get lost or altered with. They give a teacher an opportunity to customize and design their notes, course work and course outline. With tablets, students can access textbooks and other information online, they can work and update on their assignment. It gives them an opportunity to form discussion groups remotely.

According to (B Fraser 2015), tablets have been very effective in education. The use of features and giving teachers the ability to design their content has made learning very effective, interesting Tablets have also made the work of students easily accessible because of its ability to save and retrieve work. They have made all environments a conducive for studies since the students can read and work on their assignments from any location. The researches made by (T Bingham, M Conner, 2015) have recently showed the increase in students buying more tablets as compared to textbooks. They have also reduced the monotony in classrooms.

Despite so many advantages, tablets pose health risks especially with eyesight. Its software might crash or screen get broken or the battery might fail and be very low during a lesson. These do exist but they can be avoided. Tablets do need care just like traditional books. Their software and malware need to be up to date and working, a nice cover should be used and a screen protector to avoid a broken screen and the battery should be charged till it is full, and to avoid failure in batteries by making sure they do not overheat.

As much as textbooks are essential in a student’s life, tablets are equally essential. They can hold the same information as the textbooks, even better hold several textbooks in on tablet. Schools should thus prioritize the use of soft copy notes instead of printed out textbooks. It will reduce bulkiness caused by books and reduce the time and money wasted by students to access the textbooks.


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