Unit 5 Research and APA Citation Format Discussion

Unit 5: Discussion Assignment






Technology has always been evolving and new better products are emerging every day in the market. My thesis statement is tablets have no limit when it comes to resources. A tablet is a personal computer that has been made smaller almost the size of a smartphone but a bit bigger, portable and with a good memory storage. It has the ability to keep so many files and applications. Tablets have been introduced in schools and it has made students evolve where instead of printing out textbooks, they have resorted to having all those books on soft copy (Burden & Byrd, 2015).

According to (Bingham & Conner, 2015), a tablet has the ability to hold so many files and applications. This makes it able to hold so many textbooks for different course work for the student. A student can be able to work on his or her assignment, access online libraries which have unlimited sources of information and textbooks without going all the way to the library. Also a remote discussion group with other students can be conducted online with the use of a tablet. The tablet has ability to retrieve data which is very useful for a student. In case an assignment gets lost or a book is deleted by mistake, it can be retrieved.

Despite books being considered to be the best way of learning, the use of tablets have recently been proven by (Fraser, 2015) to be more productive and interesting. Tablets are diverse in that soft copy textbooks might have the same content as the actual textbook but it is accompanied with features like pictorials, and have applications such as the visual aid and audio books which has made learning very interesting. Some applications in the tablets have given teachers the opportunity to design their course work, lessons and notes interesting by customizing it as per how their students like it thus very good for learning.

However a tablet might have so many advantages as shared by (Bingham & Conner, 2015), but it doesn’t mean it is perfect. It can pose eyesight risks, the software can crush, the battery might become a problem, compatibility of some applications can be impossible. All these can be solved by taking precaution and being careful. As careful as handling the actual textbooks we use that need care.


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