Unit 7 Discussion Assignment

Unit 7: Discussion Assignment






Thesis: Because of the overall opportunity for better grades, ease of transporting and a much more interactive learning experience, tablets should replace textbooks in schools. 

use of multimedia in learning process as explored by the author illustrates how people are able to learn using various methods not only verbally and print media but also by use of multimedia.Mayer reviews this by principles designed based on experimental research studies where multimedia is used, hence the need of multimedia in learning compared to text books and print media.

  • What is multimedia learning? Elaborate this and give examples.



  • What role has multimedia played in classroom performance there being a need of technology to replace text books?


  • The role of multimedia learning on students and teachers.
    • Importance of multimedia learning introduction in a course of learning as well as its advantages and disadvantages on learners.
    • The impacts of multimedia learning as a source of learning in facilities and its contribution towards performance
    • Conclusion the importance of multimedia on education and learning process emphasis,how it has resulted on performance of students and teachers in various educational institutions as well as the summary of thesis.

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