Unit IV Scholarly Activity

War on poverty project did not only reduce poverty, alleviate hardship and gave millions of Americans access to health care but also it did generate other important achievements in that programs like the SNAP together with EITC does do have a long-term positive educational plus health benefits meant for the children.  Johnson’s War on Poverty policies did sought to fostering equality plus economic opportunity which were initiatives rooted in widely shared assumptions on African Americans’ role in urban disorder prompting Johnson War on Poverty to calling for a simultaneous War on Crime. The Law Enforcement Assistance Act did empower the national government to taking a direct role in militarizing the local police. The Federal anticrime funding did incentivized the social service givers to allying with police departments, the courts plus the prisons. The poverty levels did increase the war on poverty project plus for sure it has enabled a decrease the poverty levels. Disadvantages; It did give people a way to get by that is without having to do any work.


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