Decision-Making Table

Unit VI Assignment DecisionMaking Table
For this assignment, you will apply analytical reasoning and identify strategies for selfassessment to reconsider your decisionmaking patterns. You will need to complete a table with four columns to complete this task. In the first column, you will provide two personal examples where you acted in accordance with one or more of the patterns of irrational or unethical decision‐making. In the second column, you will identify which pattern(s) of irrational or unethical decision‐ making applies to your situations. In the third column, you will identify any characteristics of egocentrism or sociocentrism, as well as any pathological tendencies of mind, involved in your thought process. Finally, in the fourth column, share how you could have applied the keys to sound decision‐making to approach the situation more rationally.

Name:PHL 1010/3B18‐S4
Personal ExamplesPattern(s)CharacteristicsKeys to Sound Decision‐Making
Provide two personal examples whereIdentify which pattern(s) ofIdentify any characteristics ofShare how you could have applied
you acted in accordance with one irrational or unethical decision‐egocentrism or sociocentrism, as wellthe keys to sound decision‐making
more of the patterns of irrational ormaking applies to your any pathological tendencies ofto approach the situation more
unethical decision‐making.
mind, involved in your thoughtrationally.
Overspending.deciding to behave in ways that egocentrism.Paying $2.59 for a cup of Starbuck
undermine our welfare Egocentric hypocrisy. coffee doesn’t make sense when
Egocentric oversimplification. there’s cheaper, equally‐good coffee
at the gas station across the street. I
do it anyway! I made this decision
with immediate pleasure and short‐
term satisfaction in my mind.
However, after doing some
calculation of how much I spent on
Starbuck coffee only, I change the
course and decided that I will buy a
coffee maker and just my own pot in
the office. This decision not only
saving me money, it also giving me
time to do other things since I do
not have to drive to get my cups of
Texting and driving.deciding to behave in ways thatEgocentrism.Almost everybody admits they’ve
undermine another’s welfare Egocentric hypocrisy. done it, and it’s not about lack of
Egocentric oversimplification. knowledge. I’ve never had someone
say they just didn’t know it was
dangerous. I think this behavior

embodies the way we’re capable of

doing things that can kill us and/or

hurt others without thinking about

the long‐term consequences. I know

I must not do texting and driving. I

know it’s wrong and dangerous, but

I do it anyway. I must say, I never

text and drive on post but I did it out

of post. My own hypocrisy.

I am getting better now to not do

this. Firstly, because it is illegal in

Texas, and secondly I finally figured

out how to connect my phone to my

vehicle, so if need be, I can answer

the phone or response to a text with

limited distraction. Yes, there is still

distraction, and should not engaged

in this behavior completely. I’m

trying 

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