Viable ERP Solutions Presentation

Viable ERP Solutions

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SCM – Supply chain managementCRM – Customer Relationship ManagementERP – Enterprise resource planningERP – Enterprise resource management

Available ERP Software systems

NetSuite SoftwareIQMS Manufacturing ERP Sage Business Cloud Enterprise ManagementBrightpearlE2 Manufacturing SystemSage Intacctabas ERPNebuCore

Table of Comparisons

{5C22544A-7EE6-4342-B048-85BDC9FD1C3A}NetSuite SoftwareIQMS Manufacturing ERP Sage Business Cloud Enterprise ManagementBoth ERP and CRMBoth ERP and CRMBoth ERP and CRMDeployed in the cloudCloud and premiseCloud and premiseNot complete SCMComplete SCMSemi complete and modules could increase it’s functionalityNo modules and somehow fixed on functionalityContains modules extensions to increase functionalityContains modules to extend functionalityNo customizations to fit different regionsCustomizations needed by the users and goes to different levels. Not all available with the basic package as the user might not need all the options.Adaptable to many languages, organizations, regions and geographies etc   

NetSuite Software

Business management software that is offered as a service that performs ERP It is a horizontal package designed for various industrial usageHas CRM functionsSuitable for industrial useCloud based and accessible on user’s browsers either on mobile or on desktop.

IQMS EnterpriseIQ Manufacturing ERP Software

Developed for SMB, large discrete production processes. Suitable for aerospace, automotive, food and beverage, medical device, consumer products, packaging, electronics, and plastics industries (Morris, 2011).Can be deployed in public or private clouds and the users’ premiseAccessible via a web browserOffers tools to monitor, track and communicate business activities. Estimating and quoting tools are built in to help accelerate business processes.

Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management Software

ERP Software that includes modules for sales, financial management, distribution, customer service etcContains artificial intelligence built in to assist managers in prediction and in making business decisions (Monk & Wagner, 2012).Accessible via web browser and mobile

Suitable Package

Considering the electronics company with 500 employees, I would go with IQMS Manufacturing ERP Benefit: ExpansionAdaptable to a smaller number of employeesScalable when need be in futureContains a complete SCM package


Range of activities to planning, control and execution of product flow from acquisition of raw material to the final product to the customer.Each and every step at the process should follow the laid down procedures for consistency and in line with the company policies and vision for the company (Loucks & Van Beek, 2017).The processes should be curtailed and optimized to give the customer the best that is available and on a timely predictable manner. The small electronics company with 500 employees will benefit from a streamlined process that will put in place customer needs and professional processes.


A good customer relationship management is able to provide the customer with the data they need and when it is relevant to them. This increases customer satisfaction, increases turnaround and retention.A software package that is in a position to integrate this with other software systems like SCM will provide the customer with relevant data and hence achieving a customer driven business.


Systems that allows integration of applications to manage business and automate many back office functions.This leads to customers being served on time and as they place their requests leading to customer satisfaction and hence a customer driven business. More of the software package is discussed in detail on this presentation


Selecting the best ERP software package for a business requires a lot of considerations and thorough knowledge of different software packages as some might offer packages that are not suitable (Monk & Wagner, 2012).Some considerations include: Features, benefits, modules, and functionalityGoals of the business needs to be included when considering optionsThe ability of a software to be expand to serve various regions in terms of the languagesA suitable software package should be selected for a specific organization.


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