Visual Display of variables

Visual Display of variables





In reference to Afrobarometer dataset, I considered one categorical variable which is poverty and compared it with two continuous variables which are economic conditions and employment status. Visual display is shown I the figures below.

The bar graph above shows that semi-urban has a higher satisfaction of Economic index than both Rural and urban with the urban with the lowest satisfaction. This implies that areas that are Semi-urban people are satisfied with the economic condition because in those areas have some characteristics of urbanism and others of rural but those in urban areas the cost of living is very high because everything needs money. Most people find it difficult to live in town when not employed or without something giving them income (Wagner, 2016).

The pie chart above shows that unemployed people are poorer than those who are employed. This means that unemployment is a factor that contributes to highest poverty level of the people in a certain country or community. The government should provide strategies of fighting with unemployment in order to reduce poverty level of its people. Very few people who are employed are poor which shows that though they are employed the income they are getting is not enough to cater for their basic needs (Wagner, 2016).

The bar graph above shows that people with no formal education are the most. But few of those with the highest level of education like post-secondary are poor.

This means that education is also a key factor that contributes to poverty in our countries today. The government should ensure that young people should get the right education in order to prepare them for a better future. Those people with a post-secondary education have higher chances of getting the best jobs and have better skills and knowledge of being the best entrepreneurs. But few of them fail to get right jobs despite of their education and they end up being poor (Wagner, 2016).

Explanation of the Implications for Social Change

The analysis of the results indicates that those people living in urban areas are not that satisfied with the economic index meaning the economy should be improved to reduce the cost of living for them either by reducing the cost of goods and services or by improving their salaries but those in rural areas are also not fully satisfied the economic index. This may mean that their produce from their market do not have good market and some produce may get rot on their farm or they have poor marketing of their products and infrastructure. In order to favor those people in the rural areas, infrastructures and marketing of the farmers produce should be improved. This should favor those in rural, urban as well as those living in semi-urban areas (Wagner, 2016).

To fight or reduce poverty in our countries, there are factors to be considered. The most critical factor to be considered is unemployment of the young people. From the analysis above we discover that, unemployment is a factor that most contribute to the poverty level since most of the people who are not employed are the poorest. The next factor that should be looked at is education of the young people. Those who have never received any formal education are the most poor compared to the others as indicated by the analysis above. Education is the key to success since it impacts skills and knowledge to a learner though he/she fails to get a job, one can be the best entrepreneur and be their own manager and create other sources of employment by starting their own businesses and firms (Wagner, 2016).

Improvement of Education sector to make sure that every child receives the best formal education, can help reduce unemployment and thus reduce poverty levels of the people in a country or community.


Wagner, W. E. (2016). Using IBM® SPSS® statistics for research methods and social science statistics (6th ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publicatons.

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