Website Visual Design Mistakes—Reviewing An Article

This Written Assignment is being submitted on October 4, 2018, for Keri Keith’s Visual Communication in the Media course.

One of the main effects of using bad visual design elements would be that potential customers will leave the website. Throughout the article written by Jennifer Schiff that is the main point that I see emphasized when there are bad visual design elements. That is the first effect that I saw, from the description of the “web design no-no” of a splash page. I actually didn’t understand what a splash page was very well so I looked it up and got a better understanding of why it would be something to make a person leave a website. Another effect of using bad visual design elements would be some elements slowing down the website, such as the element of using too many images or animations. The last effect that I will be mentioning that I noticed had to do with interstitials because that is one I have personal experience with being annoyed with myself. When a website uses interstitials, it can cause a user to get frustrated or annoyed and leave, and Google is now giving penalties to websites that use these, so that is a huge effect of using a bad visual design element (Jennifer Schiff, 2017)(Instapage, 2016).

The response viewers may have depends on which of the twelve bad visual design elements are present. To explain what response viewers may have and how that may negatively affect business I will use three of the twelve as an example which is having confusing navigation, using fake images, and having automatic sound. If a website has confusing navigation viewers may feel turned and off and may believe that doing business with the owners of the website could be just as complicated which could negatively affect the business by losing them, potential customers. When a website uses fake images that are obvious to the viewers their response could be that the website isn’t owned by a reliable business and it could negatively affect the business by the viewers not trusting them and being less likely to want to do business with them. If a website has automatic sound that pops up when viewers click on that website their response could be that they are startled, especially if they are an older viewer, and could even immediately leave the website and go to a different one which negatively effects business by turning away potential customers (Jennifer Schiff, 2017).

When asked the question, “Why it is so important to use visuals in specific ways to effectively reach viewers?” a couple of different things come to mind. The main thing that comes to mind when thinking about this question is that it is important to use visuals in specific ways to effectively reach viewers so that you are reaching as many people in your target audience that you can. A website’s main point is to reach a target audience for whatever goal that they have in mind whether that be to sell a product or to get new clients or whatever it is. So if the creators of the website need to use visuals in specific ways to effectively reach viewers – which helps them reach their goal of their website – then it is extremely important to do so. If they don’t use visuals in specific ways and that causes them to not effectively reach viewers then what is the point of having the website in the first place? This is why I believe it is important to use visuals strategically in business and website communication. Because in business and website communication the person you are trying to impress and win over is the client or potential new clients and if your visuals aren’t doing that it’s a problem, and you need to figure out a different strategy.


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